Turn Driving “On” and Distractions “Off”

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Learn why distracted driving is putting upward pressure on automobile insurance rates. Read a few basics about distracted driving and distracted driving laws. Distracted driving is a growing public safety problem. Always being “on” or “on the go” is dangerously turning “off” safe driving habits. From the morning cup of coffee on the drive into […]

Everyone Makes Mistakes. Are You Covered?

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George, the contractor, has more than 20 years of experience in his craft although navigating the insurance part of his business can sometimes still be foggy. No business is able to run without some bumps and after a few unpleasant customer experiences, George decides to contact his trusty insurance agent to see what actions can […]

Insurance is Not the Answer to Prayer

Kelsey's post 2020 vision

Discover the three most common reasons churches receive property insurance claim denials. Learn why insurance is protection, but not the answer to prayer. Your church buys insurance for protection. Like any other organization, your church needs the practical benefits of insurance coverage to insulate it from financial loss. That said, insurance is not the answer […]

Will 2020 Be Your Year for 20/20 “Vision”?

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Read about the value of an independent insurance agent to start-ups and newly acquired businesses. Discover why an independent insurance agent is the value-added resource for commercial insurance. Hopes. Plans. Expectations. We’ve all got them in some form or another. 2020 is on the horizon. Are you thinking ahead, making plans, perhaps envisioning your own […]

The Power of Wish and Mission

Learn helpful checklist items for non-profit organizations planning a special event. Read about Make-A-Wish® of Northeast Ohio’s upcoming 29th Annual Halloween Benefit. What’s in a wish? Hope. Thought. The seed of lasting memories. The spark to a mission. Magic. There’s some powerful stuff in each one of these alone, and much more when joined together. […]