What’s on Your List?

Contractors hard hat and tools

Read a short list of activities that present liability risk for contracting businesses. Contractors are doers. They plan, build, deliver services, and are vital to both the local and larger economies. From the single handyperson to the specialized industrial parts supplier, contractors somewhere regularly engage in one or more of the following activities. Create Operate […]

Take 5 to Focus on 5

Take 5 to focus on investment property

Discover five property examples that investment property owners need to be aware of for insurance purposes. Learn why investment property owners should inventory their property.  It is important for all investment property owners to inventory exactly what makes up their investment property. For insurance purposes, it is worth the owner’s time and effort to do […]

Don’t Neglect Loss Control Basics for Your Church

Church with firetruck out front

On average 1,300 church fires are reported each year, don’t become a statistic. With more than $40,000,000.00 in fire damage occurring in Churches each year, this is a great time to review some basic loss control items around your Church. Arson comprises 25% of church fires, 30% of church fires result from mechanical failures related […]

Back-to-School and Pizza Days

Back-to-School and Pizza Days clipart car

Learn a few back-to-school commercial automobile liability insurance basics. Read three practical scenarios involving commercial automobile liability insurance. Schools are back in session, and pizza is on the menu. That means more business for some local pizza shops, and more pizza deliveries. Test your knowledge of automobile liability insurance by getting behind the wheel of […]

What is Peak Season Coverage and Why You Need It

Peak Season Coverage - wheat dispensing machine

Peak Season coverage provides you additional protection during those times of year that you may have a higher-than-average inventory of certain items on your farm. Several uses for Peak Season coverage are: Seed Fertilizer Chemicals Stored grain Additional livestock Through the proper use of Peak Season coverage, you’ll no longer be paying for higher coverage […]

Burn and Churn Spills Over to the Average Homeowner

Burn and Churn Blog

Learn how parts of the homeowners’ insurance pool are impacting the whole. Read why repetitive weather extremes affect your homeowner’s insurance premium.  Insurance is a big pool of risks. What was once predictable within an acceptable range in the deep end is literally burning up and blowing through risk models, causing noticeable churn in the […]

That Was a Hail of a Storm!

That Was a Hail of a Storm

Northeast Ohio has seen two major hailstorms in the last two weeks. Accompanied by straight line winds in excess of 70 miles an hour, the roofs of apartments and smaller strip shopping centers have taken a beating. After the storms we have had, it is imperative that you inspect your roof for damage, once it […]

Church Life is What People Make It

volunteers helping with food donations

Discover a few possibilities that may reinvigorate a church with weak attendance. Learn an exercise to redefine church life, which may help struggling churches. The challenge for mainline Protestant churches in the 21st century continues to be attracting people. While churches have buildings, and some have healthy sources of income, a great many are struggling. People […]

Excess Liability or Umbrella Policy – What Does Your Business Need?

Excess Liability or Umbrella Policy-what does your business need

Most General liability policies issued today have an occurrence limit of $1,000,000.00 or $2,000,000.00 and commercial auto policies typically have limits of $500,000.00 to $1,000,000.00, but is that sufficient in today’s litigious environment? As a business owner if you don’t feel these liability limits are adequate based on a myriad of variables an umbrella policy […]