Plan, Permit, Perform: Keep Your “P’s” in Order

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Discover why it is important for trade contractors to pull permits before beginning a job. Read a few potential consequences of failing to properly pull trade contractor permits. Fresh air and renewed gusto are springtime trademarks in Northeast Ohio. We feel excited and energetic for sprucing up and change. Usually, this is the start of […]

Is Usage-Based Auto Insurance Right For You?

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In the past auto insurance rates were based on factors such as the drivers age, your driving history (based on your motor vehicle report MVR) location and your insurance score (a credit-based tool used to assess risk). Insurtech has changed that! Usage based Insurance (UBI) starts with the use of a monitoring device that is […]

Balance Your Investment

Balance Your Investment

Discover a back-to-basics approach to weigh investment property decisions. Learn the potential benefit of visualization when investing in an investment property. From the constant pings and beeps of our electronic devices to fingertip access to information, we can easily get lost in an always-on, out-of-control world. Going back to basics is helpful to calm our […]

Lightning Strike Technology; While it Maybe Old it is Still Effective.

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According to the Insurance Information Institute 30% of all church fires are started by lightning strikes. With that in mind why don’t more churches use Lightning Rods to prevent damaged caused by lightning?  Lightning Rods originally developed by Benjamin Franklin in the mid 1700’s still offer an effective method to divert the energy of a lightning […]

Home, Sweet Northeast Ohio, Home

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Discover a personal connection between what’s accessible and commercial insurance. Read about five Northeast Ohio amenities that rely on commercial insurance. Ohio is home. I grew up in Northeast Ohio and have always worked here. Despite trends of an aging population and shrinking workforce, Northeast Ohio has much to offer residents, workers, and visitors. Take […]

What is CRP and How Can I Benefit?


As a farmer, you own a great deal of land. Did you know that oftentimes, some of that land can be more valuable to you taken out of production? Today we’ll discuss the Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) and how you could benefit from enrolling your environmentally sensitive land in CRP. One of the largest private […]

Protect Your Business and Clients with a Certificate of Insurance

Protect Your Business

Working with many Artisan Contractors, I have learned it is often necessary for them to subcontract out parts of a project.  There are several key points to address when you hire the subcontractor to protect your business from losses and unforeseen expenses. The limits of liability required by the subcontractor should be in writing and […]

Don’t let uninsured tenants burst your bubble

Pipe burst

It was great to have my son home for the holidays last month even if we did not have the greatest weather on Christmas. When my son got back to New York City on December 30 (the first day Southwest Airlines was back “on-line” that could be another blog) he called me in a tizzy […]

It’s That Time of Year Again

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Learn how to lower the likelihood of a major water damage loss occurring inside your church’s property(ies). Read a few measures to help protect your church from experiencing indoor pipe bursts. January. The coldest, snowiest month in Ohio, historically. As Christmas and holiday decorations are stowed away by church members, this is an opportune time […]