Using the Proper Fuse-Keeps Your Property Safe

Using the Proper Fuse - Keeps Your Property Safe

Greater Cleveland has many older apartment buildings however many of them still have fuses. Fuses were the norm prior to circuit breakers being installed in new construction to help wires from overheating and causing electrical fires. Fuses still work well when properly sized, however, in very old fuse boxes or overtime, the wrong amperage fuse […]

Rough Roads Ahead for the Commercial Habitational Insurance Market

Commercial Habitational Insurance Market

Apartment owners throughout Northeast Ohio may be in for a surprise when they open their insurance renewals this year! Several factors have come together that are affecting this class of business, and policyholders may see 15-20 percent increases this year. Some issues that are affecting Northeast Ohio directly are caused by the older stock of […]

What lies ahead for the Owners of Habitational Properties?

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2021 is around the corner and insurance companies are finalizing their underwriting plans for next year. What will this mean for owners of apartment buildings and rental units in Northeast Ohio? (read more) Be prepared for insurers to ramp up their inspections to ensure they are charging the proper rate for the exposure. Proper valuation […]