If a Recession lies ahead is your Church ready?

Church Finance

Inflation is sitting near 8%, the Federal Reserve has indicated its target rate for the Federal Funds Rate will be 4.4% by the end of 2022, the major markets are all in the red for the year and requests for assistance to your Church continue to rise. This is the time to review your Church’s […]

Amazing Service Begins at Your Church

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By John Bouhall, CPCU Here is the church, Mission, service, praise. Open the doors, Hands, heads, and hearts raise. Extend a hand, Gladly volunteer. Impart your skills, So needed right here. See with your eyes, Church buildings need care. Survey the grounds, Paint, seal, and repair. Plan through the year, Know what to expect. Fix […]

Lightning Strike Technology The Old Tried & True is Still Effective

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According to the Insurance Information Institute, 30.2% of all church fires are started by lightning strikes. With that in mind, why don’t more churches use Lightning Rods to prevent damage caused by lightning?  Lightning Rods originally developed by Benjamin Franklin in the mid-1700s still offer an effective method to divert the energy of a lightning […]

Sound the Alarm

Tornado Awarness

On Wednesday, March 23, 2022 at 9:50 am, the Ohio Emergency Management Agency and the National Weather Service will conduct a Statewide Severe Weather Tornado Drill. While holding a drill is important, your Church should also create an emergency plan in case there is a tornado or other severe weather condition while the Church is […]

A Non-Partisan CORONAVIRUS Message


Read about the important role church leaders have in basic coronavirus messaging. Discover a straightforward coronavirus message church leaders may consider delivering. Two years on, and the world is still battling coronavirus and the messaging regarding coronavirus. Worship communities have been a constant in prayers for healing and strength to endure. Still, coronavirus marches on […]

Icicles May Look Pretty, But They Can Wreck Havoc on your Church

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Preventing Ice dams on your Church’s roof! As I’m writing this, Greater Cleveland is receiving its first general snowfall of the year and more snow, cold weather, ice dams and icicles can’t be far behind. The prevention of ice dams can prevent damage to the exterior of your Church as well as the interior. Read […]

To Every Thing There is a Season

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Church calendars mark religious seasons and remind leaders and worshippers when it is time to transition to the next spiritual season. Your church should also have a maintenance calendar. As Northeast Ohio’s fall weather season approaches peak colors, hardy residents know that winter white is coming soon in the form of SNOW. Now is the […]

It All Started with a Drip.

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Read about one church’s deferred maintenance issues and imagine your church in like shoes. Learn why churches should plan for and schedule property maintenance, repair, and replacement. Wear and tear never rest, not even on Sunday. Like all properties, church properties require ongoing maintenance, including buildings or areas that may have minimal use or reduced […]

Go Forth and Unmask

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Read how the removal of Ohio’s mask requirement could be a “restart” for church renewal. Learn three areas for church renewal that may potentially follow Ohio’s June 2, 2021, “restart”. It’s official. Ohio Governor Mike DeWine lifted most COVID-19 health orders, effective June 2, 2021. For churches in Ohio, the good news is the mask-wearing […]