‘Tis the Season … for Your Church to “Check Off” a Safety/Security List

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The holiday season, particularly the week of Christmas, is always a time of packing the pews. While more visitors and out-of-town guests provide extra fellowship and church life activity, the spike in auto and foot traffic may bring in added risk. Church pastors, administrators, and members alike should be mindful and vigilant to safeguard people […]

Be prepared for Rising Insurance Costs in 2020

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In the last month, AM Best and Fitch (companies that provide financial data products in the insurance industry), national consultants Willis Towers Watson, AON, and others have all echoed the fact that rates are going up and will continue to rise in 2020. Price increases in automobile insurance were discussed in an earlier blog, but […]

Liquor Liability: Know Customers Limit

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The holiday season is a busy time for bars and restaurants, you may be catering to larger groups that are not your usual clientele, but do not let your guard down and make sure all of your employees are following your procedures for responsible service, sale, and consumption of alcohol. As the owner of an […]


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Your church is well-maintained and a beehive of activity, with people constantly buzzing around. Recently, it has had three slip and fall claims that have been paid out under the Medical Payments Coverage section of the church’s insurance policy. John, your insurance agent, has called the church to advise that this claim frequency is causing […]

Turn Driving “On” and Distractions “Off”

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Learn why distracted driving is putting upward pressure on automobile insurance rates. Read a few basics about distracted driving and distracted driving laws. Distracted driving is a growing public safety problem. Always being “on” or “on the go” is dangerously turning “off” safe driving habits. From the morning cup of coffee on the drive into […]

Everyone Makes Mistakes. Are You Covered?

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George, the contractor, has more than 20 years of experience in his craft although navigating the insurance part of his business can sometimes still be foggy. No business is able to run without some bumps and after a few unpleasant customer experiences, George decides to contact his trusty insurance agent to see what actions can […]

Insurance is Not the Answer to Prayer

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Discover the three most common reasons churches receive property insurance claim denials. Learn why insurance is protection, but not the answer to prayer. Your church buys insurance for protection. Like any other organization, your church needs the practical benefits of insurance coverage to insulate it from financial loss. That said, insurance is not the answer […]