Step on a Crack Break a Contractor’s Financial Back

Step on a Crack Break a Contractor’s Financial Back

This has been a beautiful summer in Northeast Ohio unless you have been trying to walk on the sidewalks in one of the neighborhoods that are in the middle of its sidewalk replacement program! Walking in the street or in the grass can be dangerous but, in the end, having nice level sidewalks throughout the […]

Cutting Your Cut Cable Claims

cutting your cut cable claims

Call 811 in Ohio before you dig. One of our agency’s clients just had a $17,000.00 claim for striking an underground electrical wire in a Greater Cleveland parking lot. Even though the client submitted a dig notification, the exact location of the dig in the parking lot was confusing and a grass island in the […]

Rough Roads Ahead for the Commercial Habitational Insurance Market

Commercial Habitational Insurance Market

Apartment owners throughout Northeast Ohio may be in for a surprise when they open their insurance renewals this year! Several factors have come together that are affecting this class of business, and policyholders may see 15-20 percent increases this year. Some issues that are affecting Northeast Ohio directly are caused by the older stock of […]

Contractors Pollution Liability (CPL): Coverage against an Expensive Mistake


Contractors – do you need Pollution Liability coverage? Have you discussed the pollution exclusion in your General Liability policy with your agent? Contractor’s pollution liability (CPL) provides third-party coverage for bodily injury, property damage, clean-up expense, and defense expense as a result of your creation of a condition that is considered pollution. This condition can […]

Transfer Risk with a COI


Transfer risk to your sub-contractors! Working with numerous Artisan Contractors I have learned it is often necessary for them to subcontract out parts of a project. There are several key points to address when you hire a subcontractor to protect your business from losses and unforeseen expenses. Several of the key points as to why […]

Commercial Insurance Rates Continue to Rise


What’s driving the hard insurance market for main street businesses? Ohio has always had a very competitive insurance market for small commercial businesses. As a result, premiums are lower than those in many neighboring states. However, rates have been trending up in several areas for the past several years and terms and conditions are being […]

Buyer Beware. Investment in Vacant Land Involves Liability Risk.

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Learn why vacant land investment property owners need General Liability insurance. Read about liability exposure associated with vacant land investment property. Raw land is the original investment property, as land has always had value. For some investment property owners, land is the investment of choice. For others, it may be new territory. Any investment involves […]

Gross Sales, Gross Receipts, and Gross Payroll Square Up with COVID-19

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Read how COVID-19 may impact your business’ commercial general liability premium. Learn why commercial general liability insurance premiums may fluctuate due to COVID-19. Gross sales. Gross receipts. Gross payroll. Three key indicators businesses consider when establishing operational goals and measuring operational success. Without sales and receipts, your business cannot make payroll. These three indicators are […]

Top Reasons Why Artisan Contractors Should Have Insurance


Every spring many artisan contractors in Greater Cleveland come out of hibernation and are ready to get back to work. Every spring, many artisan contractors in Greater Cleveland come out of hibernation and are ready to get back to work. But before they get going, they better make sure they have contractor’s insurance. The top […]

Don’t Let Time Control You! You Can Control Time!


Hang on to good business practices. The Ohio State Marching Band has been nicknamed the best damn band in the land and I believe The Richey-Barrett Co, serves some of the best damn contractors in Greater Cleveland! However, over the past thirty years, I have seen some contractors whose business practices have cost them their […]