Subrogation, Part of the Claims Process


On the Saturday before Memorial Day last year within the span of 5 minutes, I received three phone calls from three different insureds that somebody had driven their car into a building damaging it and taking off (luckily nobody was injured). In this situation, Richey-Barrett insures the building owner and two tenants of the building. […]

5 Tips for Fire Pit Safety


Firepit safety checklist Don’t get burned by your firepit As Covid-19 has changed my social life, sitting around the fire pit on a Saturday evening has become a normal event for me. After using the pit for the last time on Halloween, I covered it and put it away for the season. When I took […]

Gross Sales, Gross Receipts, and Gross Payroll Square Up with COVID-19

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Read how COVID-19 may impact your business’ commercial general liability premium. Learn why commercial general liability insurance premiums may fluctuate due to COVID-19. Gross sales. Gross receipts. Gross payroll. Three key indicators businesses consider when establishing operational goals and measuring operational success. Without sales and receipts, your business cannot make payroll. These three indicators are […]

The Masks Have It

october 19th

Discover a lighter view for families planning Halloween costumes during COVID-19 times. Read how masks easily fit into your family’s Halloween costume ideas. COVID-19 and Halloween can and will co-exist. “The Masks Have It” reflects upon Halloween 2020 with new eyes and imagination. The Masks Have It  Trick or treat Goblins replete Masks on scene […]

The Lost Year of 2020 and Church Liability Insurance Premiums

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Discover why church cutbacks related to COVID-19 may result in partial insurance premium returns. Read about reductions in church operations that may lower insurance liability premiums. In many ways COVID-19 has collectively rendered 2020 as the lost year. Nobody has escaped some element of personal tragedy, economic loss, or disruptive lifestyle adjustments, due to COVID-19. […]

Love Thy Neighbor, COVID-19-Style

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Learn fundamental truths about COVID-19 and the impact on church re-openings.  Read rhythm to help your church adapt to COVID-19’s changing rhythms. COVID-19 headlines. Government guidelines. Vaccine timelines. Churches, like everyone else, are struggling to make sense of all these “lines.” Today, June 1, 2020, is as good a time as any for your church to […]

Construction Contractors Restart Ohio!


On Monday, May 4th 2020, non-essential construction contractors were able to return to work in Ohio. While many artisan contractors were considered essential during Ohio’s stay at home order, many plumbers, electricians and carpenters chose not to work due to the lack of guidance provided by the state. Now, the State has put out guidelines […]