5 Tips for Fire Pit Safety

Firepit safety checklist


Don’t get burned by your firepit

As Covid-19 has changed my social life, sitting around the fire pit on a Saturday evening has become a normal event for me. After using the pit for the last time on Halloween, I covered it and put it away for the season. When I took the pit out a couple of weeks ago, I was very surprised to see rust holes in the bottom and started to think about fire safety. What a disaster this could have been!

Below is a quick firepit safety checklist:

1. Build the fire in the open – This will prevent any embers from starting brush or kindling from catching fire. It goes without saying if your city or state has issued a no-burn order, don’t use your firepit.

2. Never burn construction lumber – materials such as plywood, MDF, pressure-treated boards and posts, or chemically treated wood pallets. Construction lumber is treated with chemical resins, adhesives and other substances that emit toxic fumes when burned.

3. Be prepared to put the fire out – Keep a shovel and water on hand, just in case. In an emergency, you can use the water to quench the fire and the shovel to smother the flames by throwing dirt on them if the fire gets too large. At the end of the night, make sure the fire is completely extinguished.

4. Never leave the fire unattended – People may run to get fixings for s’mores or be away from the fire to play cornhole or bocce. Make sure somebody is monitoring the fire, so disaster doesn’t strike.

5. While the fire’s embers can be mesmerizing, don’t let alcohol or drugs cloud your judgement around the fire! Everybody must be cautious to ensure nobody is burned.

While everybody hopes this summer feels more like normal, the use of firepits has become part of everyday life. Protecting your assets from loss is an important part of what the Trusted Choice insurance agents at Richey-Barrett Insurance do. So, before you renew your homeowner’s insurance, give us a call!

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