What’s on Your List?

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Read a short list of activities that present liability risk for contracting businesses. Contractors are doers. They plan, build, deliver services, and are vital to both the local and larger economies. From the single handyperson to the specialized industrial parts supplier, contractors somewhere regularly engage in one or more of the following activities. Create Operate […]

Protect Your Commercial Auto Premiums from Drastic Increases

Protect Your Commercial Auto Premiums from Drastic Increases - truck image

Spring has finally sprung in Northeast Ohio and everyday my street is lined with contractors’ vehicles. Landscapers, lawn sprinkler repair, painters, flooring installation, you get the idea. I often wonder how did the employer decide which one of their employees should have access to the company’s vehicles. At fault accidents are the most common cause […]

Protect Your Business and Clients with a Certificate of Insurance

Protect Your Business

Working with many Artisan Contractors, I have learned it is often necessary for them to subcontract out parts of a project.  There are several key points to address when you hire the subcontractor to protect your business from losses and unforeseen expenses. The limits of liability required by the subcontractor should be in writing and […]

Specialty Trades Require Special License

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Learn about Ohio license requirements for five types of commercial contractors. Read five specialty trades for which Ohio commercial contractor license requirements may also apply to residential contractors. Trade contractors are essential to Northeast Ohio’s economy. From maintenance and repairs to rehabs to new construction, skilled tradespeople are key to the region’s resilience and growth. […]

General Liability Policy Rating and Limits for Artisan Contractors

Artisan Contractors

Read about General Liability insurance pricing and limits for artisan contractors. General Liability Policy Rating and Limits for Artisan Contractors Artisan contractors are vital to modern life and commerce. Tectonic advances accompanied by both the Industrial Age and the Information Age have not outdistanced the ingenuity and survival of skilled craftspeople. Modern human society needs […]

Cutting Your Cut Cable Claims

cutting your cut cable claims

Call 811 in Ohio before you dig. One of our agency’s clients just had a $17,000.00 claim for striking an underground electrical wire in a Greater Cleveland parking lot. Even though the client submitted a dig notification, the exact location of the dig in the parking lot was confusing and a grass island in the […]

Queue Up Insurance Coverage for Artisan Carpenters

Artisan Carpenters

Read two lists of insurance coverages applicable to artisan carpenters. Learn about insurance coverages needed to protect artisan carpenter businesses. While Northeast Ohioans still await the invigoration of open windows and colorful spring blossoms, many are eager to put building and remodeling plans into action. Cue the artisan carpenters. As artisan carpenters gear up for […]

Distracted Driving Everybody’s Problem

Distracted Driving everybody’s problem (2)

Many trade contractors use their van or truck as their mobile office. Invoicing, credit card readers and receipts that need to be filed, are on the dash, shoved in the sun visor or in a cup holder,  you get the picture. There is even a pickup that touts its rear tailgate as being flexible enough […]

Cutting Corners Could Collapse Your Tent

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Read about general requirements trade contractors must adhere to in order to work in Ohio. Learn why trade contractors need to understand state and local requirements before working. Trade contracting is a big tent term. Even the lone handypersonperforming minor repair work for a fee may be considered a contractor. It is the responsibility of […]

Trade Contractors Face Covid-19 Challenges

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Trade contractors facing challenges from Covid 19 As the residents of Northeast Ohio reevaluate their life styles since Covid-19 hit, trade contractors have had many opportunities to grow their businesses. However, like many other businesses, they are facing new challenges. Labor shortages are hitting trade contractors. Employees have had to increase pay to keep employees […]