Schools Out for Summer

Car in accident getting towed

Schools out for Summer a classic rock song by Alice Cooper shouts about being bored and having no intelligence, while these lyrics may sound harsh today, they are very appropriate when it comes to describing the deadliest driving time for teens. Each year a disproportionate number of teen driving deaths occur between Memorial Day and […]

Is Usage-Based Auto Insurance Right For You?

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In the past auto insurance rates were based on factors such as the drivers age, your driving history (based on your motor vehicle report MVR) location and your insurance score (a credit-based tool used to assess risk). Insurtech has changed that! Usage-based Insurance (UBI) starts with the use of a monitoring device that is typically […]

The Category is Homeowner’s Insurance

Homeowner’s Insurance Home

Discover a few homeowner’s insurance basics through iconic gameshow format. Learn about homeowner’s insurance by testing your response to specific clues.   Here’s the clue. Iconic gameshow in which contestants select a category from a box grid of options labeled by difficulty level in ascending dollar amounts. Contestants listen to/read the answer, and then respond […]

Celebrate! It’s National Grilling Month!

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Barbecue safety tips for National Grilling Month Learn how to be safe this grilling season This blog is not going to quibble over the differences between grilling and barbequing because I love to cook, using each method. Whether smoking chicken thighs as I did last Saturday to the hotdogs, burgers and corn I grilled on […]

Don’t be an April Fool- During Distracted Driving Awareness Month

Distracted Driving Awareness Month

I just wrote about distracted driving in a blog geared towards Artisan Contractors, however with April being Distracted Driving Awareness Month several items bear repeating! According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in 2020 3,142 lives were lost in crashes involving distracted driving. Drivers between the ages of 16 and 24 have been involved […]

It’s a Small World in a Big Way

homeowner’s insurance premium

By John Bouhall, CPCU Learn how your homeowner’s insurance premium is affected by big realities. Read three key factors impacting your homeowner’s insurance premium. The current and foreseeable trend in the homeowner’s insurance market is rising premiums. Three main factors are driving this upward trend, which is and will continue to affect the average price […]