What is Peak Season Coverage and Why You Need It

Peak Season Coverage - wheat dispensing machine

Peak Season coverage provides you additional protection during those times of year that you may have a higher-than-average inventory of certain items on your farm. Several uses for Peak Season coverage are: Seed Fertilizer Chemicals Stored grain Additional livestock Through the proper use of Peak Season coverage, you’ll no longer be paying for higher coverage […]

The Causes of Combine Fires and How to Prevent Them

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Combine fires are considered one of the most common and expensive agricultural fire-related losses by most farm insurance companies. If you’ve experienced a combine fire in the past, you know you’d rather be doing literally anything else besides dealing with it. As is often said, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, […]

Farm Earnings and Extra Expense, What’s That?

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Your farm is more than your home, it’s your business. As with all businesses, the owners must make decisions for continuity’s sake in the event of a catastrophic loss. How are you supposed to support yourself and family while rebuilding after that tornado, fire, or other disaster you may face? Farmers can rest easy knowing […]

Top 3 Farm Insurance Companies in Ohio Besides Nationwide

Top 3 Farm Insurance Companies 3

As a farmer, you’ve worked tirelessly to grow a successful operation. As such, you’re well-deserving of a protection plan that meets your needs. Wouldn’t you agree? Isn’t it difficult to know which insurance carrier is truly worthy of your hard-earned dollars every year? You want a company that has your best interest in mind, a […]

What is CRP and How Can I Benefit?


As a farmer, you own a great deal of land. Did you know that oftentimes, some of that land can be more valuable to you taken out of production? Today we’ll discuss the Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) and how you could benefit from enrolling your environmentally sensitive land in CRP. One of the largest private […]

Vertical Farming 102—Drawbacks and Risks

Vertical Farming 102—Drawbacks and Risks

Hi folks, and welcome to the last installment of our little 5-part mini-series about Vertical Farming and Controlled Environment Agriculture, “CEA.” Did you have an opportunity to read the previous parts? If not, don’t worry about it, they’re all linked below in case you need a quick refresher. You may recall we discussed the environmental […]

Vertical Farming 102 – Aeroponic Farming

Vertical Farm 102 2 (1)

Welcome back friends! I trust you had an enjoyable Thanksgiving, and spent some time with friends and family! As promised, today we’ll discuss our final technique for Vertical Farming and Controlled Environment Agriculture “CEA.” Just in case you missed our third installment about Aquaponics, you may want to give serious consideration to rewinding your life […]

Vertical Farming 102 – Aquaponic Farming

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Are you ready for part 3 of our Vertical Farming 102 mini-series? If you didn’t catch the last one, make a quick pit-stop there first, it’d be helpful for you. Check out Vertical Farming 102—Hydroponic Farming here! Alright, now you’re ready to jump in and swim with the fish! Perhaps my personal favorite method of […]

Vertical Farming 102-Hydroponic Farming

Vertical Farm 102 4

Hello there! Welcome to part 2 of our Vertical Farming 102 course! In the last installment, we took a closer look at Controlled Environment Agriculture “CEA,” and its many benefits, both for the farmer and the consumer. Just in case you missed it, you can take a quick look at it here. You’re back, great! […]

Vertical Farming 102- Controlled Environment Agriculture

Vertical Farm 102 5

Hey—you’re back! Let’s have some more fun, dive into the water and nutrient rich basin of Vertical Farming and Controlled Environment Agriculture “CEA”, and discuss in more depth the methods involved—hope you brought your snorkel and wetsuit! You read last week’s blog to get a broad overview of Vertical Farming and CEA, right? Of course […]