Farm Earnings and Extra Expense, What’s That?

holding cash in farm field

Your farm is more than your home, it’s your business. As with all businesses, the owners must make decisions for continuity’s sake in the event of a catastrophic loss. How are you supposed to support yourself and family while rebuilding after that tornado, fire, or other disaster you may face? Farmers can rest easy knowing […]

Top 3 Farm Insurance Companies in Ohio Besides Nationwide

Top 3 Farm Insurance Companies 3

As a farmer, you’ve worked tirelessly to grow a successful operation. As such, you’re well-deserving of a protection plan that meets your needs. Wouldn’t you agree? Isn’t it difficult to know which insurance carrier is truly worthy of your hard-earned dollars every year? You want a company that has your best interest in mind, a […]

What is CRP and How Can I Benefit?


As a farmer, you own a great deal of land. Did you know that oftentimes, some of that land can be more valuable to you taken out of production? Today we’ll discuss the Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) and how you could benefit from enrolling your environmentally sensitive land in CRP. One of the largest private […]

Vertical Farming 102—Drawbacks and Risks

Vertical Farming 102—Drawbacks and Risks

Hi folks, and welcome to the last installment of our little 5-part mini-series about Vertical Farming and Controlled Environment Agriculture, “CEA.” Did you have an opportunity to read the previous parts? If not, don’t worry about it, they’re all linked below in case you need a quick refresher. You may recall we discussed the environmental […]

Farm Liability…Is Your Dog Covered?

Is Your Dog Covered

$881 million. That’s the total amount paid out for dog-related injury claims during 2021, according to the Insurance Information Institute. That total is combined amongst 17,989 dog bite claims. If that wasn’t alarming enough to read, here’s another fun fact—a recent study shows that Ohio had the highest number of postal delivery personnel bitten by […]

Farm Insurance Value…Good, Bad, & Ugly?

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You’ve heard the words uttered many times over, you’ve likely even suggested to others—YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR. We all must concede that this invaluable warning is far easier to preach than practice, as humans tend to choose one side or the other—where do you fall? I focus on helping farmers improve their protection […]

What Type of Crime Grows Faster than your Crops?

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Let’s talk about crime. What is the fastest growing crime in America these days? If you guessed cybercrime, you’d be right. With over 16.7 million victims of identity theft each year, it is imperative that farmers protect themselves and the others they work with, or potentially become just another statistic we hear about on the […]