Protect Your Business and Clients with a Certificate of Insurance

Protect Your Business

Working with many Artisan Contractors, I have learned it is often necessary for them to subcontract out parts of a project.  There are several key points to address when you hire the subcontractor to protect your business from losses and unforeseen expenses. The limits of liability required by the subcontractor should be in writing and […]

Vertical Farming 102—Drawbacks and Risks

Vertical Farming 102—Drawbacks and Risks

Hi folks, and welcome to the last installment of our little 5-part mini-series about Vertical Farming and Controlled Environment Agriculture, “CEA.” Did you have an opportunity to read the previous parts? If not, don’t worry about it, they’re all linked below in case you need a quick refresher. You may recall we discussed the environmental […]

If a Recession lies ahead is your Church ready?

Church Finance

Inflation is sitting near 8%, the Federal Reserve has indicated its target rate for the Federal Funds Rate will be 4.4% by the end of 2022, the major markets are all in the red for the year and requests for assistance to your Church continue to rise. This is the time to review your Church’s […]

Crafting a Solid Insurance Program for Owners of Apartment Buildings


As the owner of an apartment building in Northeast Ohio you want a well built, solid building. As local insurance agents we want to build a solid property and liability insurance program for you. read more A well put together insurance program consists of several components just like your building. The insurance policy should include […]

Owners of Apartments in Greater Cleveland Beware!

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Be aware of what? A huge liability exposure for you as the owner of residential rental properties and apartments in Greater Cleveland. Be aware of carbon monoxide – the odorless, colorless gas that is produced any time fossil fuel is burned. Gas ranges, ovens, furnaces and boilers are some of the sources that can produce […]

Don’t Get Stuck Buying a Money Pit Sight Unseen


When is a bargain not a bargain? The real estate market is heating up across the country, but prices for multi-family dwellings in Northeast Ohio remain lower than the national average. With unemployment higher than the national average, many would-be homebuyers have had to remain renters longer than expected. The convergence of these two trends […]

Farm Equipment Road Safety

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Don’t play “Chicken” with passenger cars while in your tractor, or other large pieces of farm machinery.  Read about everyday safe driving tips for Farm Machinery. Accidents are often caused between farm equipment and vehicles on public roads while traveling from one location to the next. How are you supposed to avoid finding yourself in […]

Give a “Hoot” about Protecting your Jobsite


Protect your jobsite and equipment to protect yourself from unexpected costs! When my kids were in middle school, I would read the books they were being asked to read in school, and this week’s blog reminds me of the book “Hoot” by Carl Hiaasen. The story revolves around saving an endangered species of burrowing owl […]

2021 Summer Camps Screening for a Safe Camp Season


Don’t let the excitement of reopening your camp override your concerns for following safety protocols. Last year, Covid-19 shut down most church camps, but based on the availability of vaccines and testing, many are considering reopening this summer. It will not be business as usual. New considerations must be addressed. Will all staff need to […]

Gross Sales, Gross Receipts, and Gross Payroll Square Up with COVID-19

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Read how COVID-19 may impact your business’ commercial general liability premium. Learn why commercial general liability insurance premiums may fluctuate due to COVID-19. Gross sales. Gross receipts. Gross payroll. Three key indicators businesses consider when establishing operational goals and measuring operational success. Without sales and receipts, your business cannot make payroll. These three indicators are […]