Bonds, James Bonds

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Though licensing requirements often differ by municipality, Ohio trade contractors may be required to have License/Permit Bonds to ensure they follow the rules and codes for their projects.  Many municipalities in Northeast Ohio require trade contractors to be registered. While the requirements vary by city, typically the contractor will need to register with the city and provide […]

Give a “Hoot” about Protecting your Jobsite


Protect your jobsite and equipment to protect yourself from unexpected costs! When my kids were in middle school, I would read the books they were being asked to read in school, and this week’s blog reminds me of the book “Hoot” by Carl Hiaasen. The story revolves around saving an endangered species of burrowing owl […]

Don’t Let Time Control You! You Can Control Time!


Hang on to good business practices. The Ohio State Marching Band has been nicknamed the best damn band in the land and I believe The Richey-Barrett Co, serves some of the best damn contractors in Greater Cleveland! However, over the past thirty years, I have seen some contractors whose business practices have cost them their […]

Artisans Make Your Work Easier in the Cold Weather


Artisan Contractors are putting in long hours to get as much work completed before the weather turns cold in Northeast Ohio. But don’t forget you will need to prepare your equipment for winter before it is too late.  Below is a list that every contractor should address to avoid a mechanical breakdown that probably will […]

The Importance of Certificates of Insurance

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Read more about the importance of a Certificate of Liability Insurance (COI). Working with numerous Artisan Contractors, I have learned it is often necessary for them to subcontract out parts of a project. There are several key points to address when you hire the subcontractor to protect your business from loses and unforeseen expenses. The […]