Don’t Let Time Control You! You Can Control Time!

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The Ohio State Marching Band has been nicknamed the best damn band in the land and I believe The Richey-Barrett Co, serves some of the best damn contractors in Greater Cleveland! However, over the past thirty years, I have seen some contractors whose business practices have cost them their business. Read more.

I have seen the work product of so many of our great contractors – from roofers to stonemasons to carpenters – whose work is impeccable. But the way some of these artisans run their business may be costing them money and exposing them to liability losses. Besides taking advantage of all the technology that is available to them, they should step back from the business and look at some simple techniques to manage their business.

1. Evaluate how you spend your time.

Whether you realize it or not, you probably waste a sizeable amount of time throughout the day. A few minutes here or there can add up to hours over the course of the week.

In order to increase productivity, you need to examine your schedule to see where and when your billable hours are being lost. Then track your activities over the span of a week. Look not only for holes in your schedule but also at those tasks where you are spending more time than necessary.

This basic exercise will give you an overview of how you are allocating your time, so you may adjust your schedule.

2. Plan out a schedule in advance.

If you want to develop new and improved time management strategies, planning is a great place to begin.

One recommended method is to maintain a calendar of everything that requires your time. You can start with regular responsibilities, such as internal meetings, and then input customer appointments as they are booked.

Although a desk calendar can do the trick, computer-savvy contractors might better benefit more from a digital calendar that can be edited and shared.

Another integral part of planning is prioritizing your time, so that everything that needs to get done, gets done. For example, you might consider which tasks require immediate attention and which may be delayed to a later date. Then, you will be able to make the best use of your time at any given moment.

3. Learn when to delegate.

It is common for contractors to think they can tackle every issue on the job site. However, this attitude can be counterproductive. Poor time management strategies can be bad for business.

You can increase productivity by letting others pick up some of your slack. For example, if you are an electrician, you could benefit from delegating some minor on-site work to an apprentice.

As you implement these time management strategies, understand that you are ultimately in control of your own time. If you spend the time to find ways to increase efficiency, you will then have more time to devote to more important tasks, such as business growth.

Everybody at the Richey-Barrett Co wants all the Artisan contractors in Northeast Ohio to thrive and we are here to help you navigate your insurance and risk management needs. So, before you renew your policy call us to assist you.

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