Farm Liability…Is Your Dog Covered?

Is Your Dog Covered

$881 million. That’s the total amount paid out for dog-related injury claims during 2021, according to the Insurance Information Institute. That total is combined amongst 17,989 dog bite claims. If that wasn’t alarming enough to read, here’s another fun fact—a recent study shows that Ohio had the highest number of postal delivery personnel bitten by […]

Don’t be Led Astray by a Lead Claim


Buildings built before 1978 may contain lead that was used in both interior paint and exterior paints how does Insurance address this? Greater Cleveland is alive with new apartment construction! There is building activity from Intro across from the Westside Market to Treo near the Duck Island neighborhood to the Ascent at the Top of […]

The Lost Year of 2020 and Church Liability Insurance Premiums

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Discover why church cutbacks related to COVID-19 may result in partial insurance premium returns. Read about reductions in church operations that may lower insurance liability premiums. In many ways COVID-19 has collectively rendered 2020 as the lost year. Nobody has escaped some element of personal tragedy, economic loss, or disruptive lifestyle adjustments, due to COVID-19. […]

Ready Reference for Recreational Boatowners

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Read about key factors to consider when purchasing personal boatowner’s insurance. Learn why many recreational boatowners should obtain boatowner’s insurance. The hot days of summer have started recently, a whistle call for recreational boaters. With Lake Erie nipping the full expanse of Ohio’s northern footprint, area boaters are drawn to this natural waterpark like a dog […]