Hit the Highway this Memorial Day


AAA reports that gasoline prices for this Memorial Day weekend are the highest they’ve been since 2014! More families are filling up and hopping on the road in post-pandemic eagerness to see extended families, travel across state lines, and spend time in the sun. Though summer has always been a driving season, expect more people […]

5 Tips for Fire Pit Safety


Firepit safety checklist Don’t get burned by your firepit As Covid-19 has changed my social life, sitting around the fire pit on a Saturday evening has become a normal event for me. After using the pit for the last time on Halloween, I covered it and put it away for the season. When I took […]

Car Value and Full Coverage


When we review clients’ auto policy renewals, if their vehicle is around 10 years old, we often suggest that they think about whether they still want to carry “full” coverage (or what we refer to as including Comprehensive and Collision along with their required liability coverage). The auto policy will cover repairs to your car […]

The Po-tā-to, Po-tä-to of Electric Bicycles


Discover why a special insurance policy is recommended for electric bicycle users. Read about coverage gaps in personal lines insurance before riding an e-bike. You’ve heard the expression, “You say po-tā-to, I say po-tä-to.”. Consider the different meanings it conveys. The simplest understanding is that a potato is a potato. Same word, different pronunciation, same […]

Real News for Ohio Homeowners …Winter is Pipe Burst Season


Discover five real and practical ways to safeguard your home from cold weather pipe bursts.  Read how Ohio homeowners can lessen the risk of pipes freezing and bursting. Real cold. Real conditions. Real concern. If the outdoor temperature is below freezing, insulation is poor or non-existent, then pipe bursts are an increased risk for homeowners […]

Honoring Martin Luther King Jr.


The celebration of the life and legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. carries a different weight amidst the changes and difficulties of the past year. We’ve heard it said that we are living in “unprecedented times,” to describe the challenges of 2020 — challenges spanning across political division, racial inequities, and changes for small businesses […]