Bats in the Belfry Aren’t the Only Creepy Creatures

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Creepy, crawly critters that go bump in the night aren’t confined to Halloween or nighttime for that matter. Creatures you expect to stay outside where they belong don’t always confine themselves to nature’s protective cover. They can and do get inside … causing tricky problems for building owners.

Insects, birds, rodents, and even bats are known to find tiny openings in structures and make their way inside. Eaves, attics, basements, and crawl spaces are common points of entry. Big problems begin when they set up camp inside. Once they gain entry, it doesn’t take long for unwanted critters to literally nest or infest right under your roof. They may even migrate to interior walls. Aside from chewing through wiring or cables and clawing drywall, they will discharge waste products and secretions. EEEKKKK!!

What can you do to protect against such loss? Frequently walk around your structure to check for openings that need to be caulked, sealed, or screened. This is particularly important in the fall and winter when critters are prone to seek warm shelter. If there is a way in, they will find it. Consider an inspection by a professional pest control company, particularly if you have seen evidence of unwanted activity indoors, i.e. droppings. Another option is catch-and-release traps placed inside the building in areas that may be vulnerable. Traps must be checked daily.

Property insurance will not cover loss or damage caused by nesting, infestation, or discharge/release of waste or secretions by insects, birds, rodents, or other animals. Claims adjusters have seen several incidents of an unwanted animal which has entered a structure and done a fair amount of damage in a short period of time. A typical loss is the animal chewed through wiring inside the building. While the damage to the wiring is covered (subject to deductible), any damage due to excrement or secretion is not covered.

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