Bats in the Belfry Aren’t the Only Creepy Creatures

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Creepy, crawly critters that go bump in the night aren’t confined to Halloween or nighttime for that matter. Creatures you expect to stay outside where they belong don’t always confine themselves to nature’s protective cover. They can and do get inside … causing tricky problems for building owners. Insects, birds, rodents, and even bats are […]

Cover Your Condo and Contents With Proper Insurance

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Learn what individual condo unit owners and renters need to know about insurance. Read about the importance of properly insuring individual, residential condo units. Homeowners are usually aware of and want to purchase appropriate homeowner’s insurance to protect their interests. However, where the home is a residential condominium unit, people are often confused about the […]

A Few Tips for the College-Bound


We all know that college is very expensive. Something you may not expect is an unanticipated accident or theft, not covered by your insurance policy. If you have a student heading away to college, such as Cleveland State, Baldwin Wallace, or John Carroll, below are a few tips to help you get the most out […]

Car Value and Full Coverage

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When we review clients’ auto policy renewals, if their vehicle is around 10 years old, we often suggest that they think about whether they still want to carry “full” coverage (or what we refer to as including Comprehensive and Collision along with their required liability coverage). The auto policy will cover repairs to your car […]

It’s Weather, Not Whether


Read current trends related to windstorm/hail in the Ohio homeowner’s insurance market. Learn why and how windstorms and hail affect homeowner’s insurance coverage in Ohio. In Ohio, windstorm or hail is an insured peril under the standard homeowner’s insurance policy. Importantly, Ohio is one of several states in which these two weather events are on […]

Be Serious About Having Serious Fun on Lake Erie


Summertime is playtime on Lake Erie for recreational boaters. With preseason inspections and tune-ups of hulls, engines, props, sail riggings, masts, etc. complete, boating enthusiasts are now in peak season on Cleveland’s North Shore. Long, lazy days of summer beckon, and Lake Erie is a prime playground. From powerboating to paddle boarding, the view from […]