Bicycle Safety: Simple as Riding a Bike

Learn five safety tips that will help keep bicycle riders safely in their saddles.

Simple as Riding a Bike

Read about and practice bicycle safety for as long as you ride a bike.

Old school or not, bicycle riding gets people outside to physically move and experience the great outdoors. After learning a few motor and balance skills, many people are able to pedal on for a lifetime. Risk accompanies any activity, so acquire and practice bicycle safety habits. Once you learn them, they are always with you … just like riding a bike!

Five Tips to Promote Safe Bicycle Riding:

#1  Always wear a helmet.

When properly sized and fastened, helmets prevent or mitigate head injuries in children and adults involved in bicycle accidents.

#2  Properly maintain the fitness of your bicycle.

Riding a bicycle in poor condition or ill-fitting for the rider contributes to the possibility of injury. Contact your local recreation department, bike or sporting goods store, if you need help getting your bicycle in shape.

  • Tires. Ensure they are inflated to recommended pressure.
  • Bell. Attach firmly to handlebars.
  • Brakes. For hand brakes, check brake grips, levers, pads, and cables for wear, tightness, and proper function. For coaster foot brakes, check for proper function.
  • Reflectors. One white front reflector; one red rear reflector; two yellow side reflectors; two yellow reflectors on each pedal.
  • Chain. Should be well-oiled, taut, and in good condition. Do not ride with a loose or rusty chain.
  • Pedals. Should turn freely.
  • Frame and saddle. Frame and saddle. Should be sturdy and straight and fit the rider. A frame that is too large or a saddle that is too high for the rider will increase the likelihood of the rider losing control of the bike.

#3  Know and obey the rules of the road.

If you are riding a bicycle on the road, you must follow the rules of the road, which include obeying traffic lights, stop signs, using proper hand signals, and riding with traffic.

#4  Visibility.

Wear bright-colored clothing that is easy to see. Avoid bicycle riding at night or in inclement weather conditions. If you must ride at night, attach reflector tape to your clothing and be sure to use bike lights.

#5  Be Alert. Stay Alert.

Particularly in this age of distracted driving, kids and adults alike need to be very aware of motor vehicle movement around them on roads, in driveways, in parking lots, and while crossing streets. If you are riding a bike on the sidewalk, pay close attention to vehicles coming and going from driveways, particularly those backing out of driveways.

Don’t be a distracted bicyclist. No headphones or cell phone usage, while riding the bike.

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