Amazing Service Begins at Your Church

Church Picture

By John Bouhall, CPCU Here is the church, Mission, service, praise. Open the doors, Hands, heads, and hearts raise. Extend a hand, Gladly volunteer. Impart your skills, So needed right here. See with your eyes, Church buildings need care. Survey the grounds, Paint, seal, and repair. Plan through the year, Know what to expect. Fix […]

Maintaining Your Fire Sprinkler System in 10 Easy Steps

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Many commercial buildings have fire sprinkler systems to reduce exposure to property loss and save lives if  unfortunately, you have a fire. In addition, a properly designed and maintained sprinkler system may save you money on your property insurance premiums. However, like any system it must be properly maintained so it is there for you […]

Distracted Driving Everybody’s Problem

Distracted Driving everybody’s problem (2)

Many trade contractors use their van or truck as their mobile office. Invoicing, credit card readers and receipts that need to be filed, are on the dash, shoved in the sun visor or in a cup holder,  you get the picture. There is even a pickup that touts its rear tailgate as being flexible enough […]

Contractor Safety


Spring is upon us and it seems like there are Artisan Contractors everywhere. Today in the parking lot I saw two heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) trucks and roofers inspecting the building across the street. With all of this work all of a sudden, you can’t lose sight of on the job safety. Safety […]