Burn and Churn Spills Over to the Average Homeowner

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Learn how parts of the homeowners’ insurance pool are impacting the whole. Read why repetitive weather extremes affect your homeowner’s insurance premium.  Insurance is a big pool of risks. What was once predictable within an acceptable range in the deep end is literally burning up and blowing through risk models, causing noticeable churn in the […]

Celebrate! It’s National Grilling Month!

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Barbecue safety tips for National Grilling Month Learn how to be safe this grilling season This blog is not going to quibble over the differences between grilling and barbequing because I love to cook, using each method. Whether smoking chicken thighs as I did last Saturday to the hotdogs, burgers and corn I grilled on […]

It’s Weather, Not Whether


Read current trends related to windstorm/hail in the Ohio homeowner’s insurance market. Learn why and how windstorms and hail affect homeowner’s insurance coverage in Ohio. In Ohio, windstorm or hail is an insured peril under the standard homeowner’s insurance policy. Importantly, Ohio is one of several states in which these two weather events are on […]

Real News for Ohio Homeowners …Winter is Pipe Burst Season


Discover five real and practical ways to safeguard your home from cold weather pipe bursts.  Read how Ohio homeowners can lessen the risk of pipes freezing and bursting. Real cold. Real conditions. Real concern. If the outdoor temperature is below freezing, insulation is poor or non-existent, then pipe bursts are an increased risk for homeowners […]

3 R’s for the Small, Start-Up Trade Contractor

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Learn 3 R’s that may help small, start-up trade contractors evaluate basic insurance needs. Read 3 R’s that frame property and liability insurance basics for small, start-up trade contractors. Resourceful. Resilient. Resolute. Three R’s that are hallmarks of the American spirit, particularly in response to difficult circumstances. Job loss or lessened work hours resulting from […]

Host with a Toast … To Responsible High School Grad Parties

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Learn insurance coverage although not excluded is at risk for hosts who permit underage drinking in Ohio.   Read suggestions for hosting a responsible high school graduation party. School is out, and high school graduation parties are in. For many parents, hosting a party is de rigueur, the required social custom for celebrating their child’s […]