Don’t Get Burned!

Copy of 712

This week’s blog was supposed to discuss certificates of insurance and what is needed to prepare one properly and efficiently for the agency’s artisan contractors. However, that all changed when I read my former college roommate’s Facebook post this week. Doug posted on Facebook that he had two quarter size malignant skin cancer lesions removed […]

Transfer Risk with a COI


Transfer risk to your sub-contractors! Working with numerous Artisan Contractors I have learned it is often necessary for them to subcontract out parts of a project. There are several key points to address when you hire a subcontractor to protect your business from losses and unforeseen expenses. Several of the key points as to why […]

Contractor Safety


Spring is upon us and it seems like there are Artisan Contractors everywhere. Today in the parking lot I saw two heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) trucks and roofers inspecting the building across the street. With all of this work all of a sudden, you can’t lose sight of on the job safety. Safety […]

Don’t Let Time Control You! You Can Control Time!


Hang on to good business practices. The Ohio State Marching Band has been nicknamed the best damn band in the land and I believe The Richey-Barrett Co, serves some of the best damn contractors in Greater Cleveland! However, over the past thirty years, I have seen some contractors whose business practices have cost them their […]

Construction Contractors Restart Ohio!


On Monday, May 4th 2020, non-essential construction contractors were able to return to work in Ohio. While many artisan contractors were considered essential during Ohio’s stay at home order, many plumbers, electricians and carpenters chose not to work due to the lack of guidance provided by the state. Now, the State has put out guidelines […]