Some Trains Need Waiver of Subrogation to Run

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Learn about subrogation and waiver of subrogation in commercial insurance. Read about the Waiver of Subrogation Endorsement/Clause and why your business may need it. Practically, and to a large extent legally, businesses need the protection provided through commercial insurance. The trains don’t run without proper commercial insurance in force. For some business sectors, a not-so-well-understood […]

Subrogation, Part of the Claims Process


On the Saturday before Memorial Day last year within the span of 5 minutes, I received three phone calls from three different insureds that somebody had driven their car into a building damaging it and taking off (luckily nobody was injured). In this situation, Richey-Barrett insures the building owner and two tenants of the building. […]

Who Really Pays the Insurance Claim?

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Dealing with property claims is always a concern for you, the property business owner. Do you have enough insurance coverage for the loss? What if the loss is caused by a defective appliance such as a refrigerator, stove, electrical cord, and/or a water supply line? Suppose you are a landlord, and the property loss is […]