Take 5 to Focus on 5

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Discover five property examples that investment property owners need to be aware of for insurance purposes. Learn why investment property owners should inventory their property.  It is important for all investment property owners to inventory exactly what makes up their investment property. For insurance purposes, it is worth the owner’s time and effort to do […]

1, 2, 3 Basics for Investment Property Owners of Individual Condominium Units

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 Learn three basic considerations for investment property owners of individual condominium units. Read a snapshot of insurance coverage recommendations for condominium unit investment property. Individual condominium unit ownership is a real thing in the realm of investment property. Some fall into it indirectly, such as via inheritance. Some directly decide to purchase a condominium unit […]

Reach Out Before you Buy!

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You are now ready to purchase your first investment property, but before you do, consult before you buy!  You have contacted your attorney to create the structure that is going to own the building, whether it is an S-Corporation, an LLC, or a partnership. You are working with your accountant to calculate cash flows and accounting […]

Buyer Beware. Investment in Vacant Land Involves Liability Risk.

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Learn why vacant land investment property owners need General Liability insurance. Read about liability exposure associated with vacant land investment property. Raw land is the original investment property, as land has always had value. For some investment property owners, land is the investment of choice. For others, it may be new territory. Any investment involves […]

The Basics of Insurable Interest

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Gino is buying a 14-unit apartment building that is structurally solid, but needs both maintenance and repair work. Three days ago Gino and Toby entered into a purchase contract in the amount of $300,000. Along with signing the purchase contract, Gino also put a $20,000 deposit down on the apartment building. Toby, the current owner […]

Who Really Pays the Insurance Claim?

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Dealing with property claims is always a concern for you, the property business owner. Do you have enough insurance coverage for the loss? What if the loss is caused by a defective appliance such as a refrigerator, stove, electrical cord, and/or a water supply line? Suppose you are a landlord, and the property loss is […]

Knock, Knock. Who’s There?

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Learn how the vacancy clause impacts your investment property insurance coverage. Read about potential scenarios involving vacant investment property. Knock, knock. Who’s there? Investment property vacancy. Building vacancy increases the likelihood of property loss. Vacancy and delay in discovering loss or damage go hand-in-hand. In turn, delayed discovery easily results in further damage and/or deterioration […]

Is Investment Property For You?

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Investment property can serve as an income source and asset builder. Your resources, experience, goals, and tolerance for risk are deciding factors in the type and scale of investment you might make. Financial commitment is a given. Whatever money you put in to the investment is at risk. Be aware you can lose it all […]