Sound the Alarm

Tornado Awareness

On Wednesday, March 23, 2022 at 9:50 am, the Ohio Emergency Management Agency and the National Weather Service will conduct a Statewide Severe Weather Tornado Drill. While holding a drill is important, your Church should also create an emergency plan in case there is a tornado or other severe weather condition while the Church is being used. Below are some things to consider in creating your plan:

  1. Have a designated area in the building in which to stay during the severe weather. This area should be on the lowest level of the building and should be away from windows or glass doors. Avoid large open spaces such as social halls (unless in the basement) and sanctuaries.
  2. In the designated area have the following items:
    1. First Aid Kit
    2. Bottled Water
    3. Flashlights and extra batteries
    4. Battery or crank operated NOAA Weather radio
    5. Tool Kit
  3. Create a record of all people who are sheltering in place and follow up later to ensure they are OK.

The plan should be practiced several times a year to ensure the plan remains viable as changes to facilities and congregations occur. Protecting your religious institution’s physical plant is an ongoing process. Protecting stained glass windows may be a one-time process, but monitoring the condition of the coverings is ongoing. Other items that should be checked regularly include:

  1. Making sure all trees and bushes are properly pruned so dead branches don’t become projectiles during high winds.
  2. Secure small objects such as picnic tables, benches and rubbish containers so they don’t blow away and injure someone or something.
  3. Ensure all doors are securely shut to avoid blowing open in high winds.

So don’t be surprised Wednesday morning when you hear the tornado alarms tested throughout Northeast Ohio, and don’t be surprised by your next insurance renewal. Call the Trusted Choice insurance agents at Richey-Barrett for a no obligation insurance review.

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