If a Recession lies ahead is your Church ready?

Church Finance

Inflation is sitting near 8%, the Federal Reserve has indicated its target rate for the Federal Funds Rate will be 4.4% by the end of 2022, the major markets are all in the red for the year and requests for assistance to your Church continue to rise. This is the time to review your Church’s […]

Train and Maintain

Train and Maintain - Man in hard hat

Learn about equipment operator safety and maintenance of business equipment. Read about equipment maintenance checks important to protecting your business. Proper equipment maintenance is essential for workplace safety. Some businesses schedule planned shutdowns during which equipment is inspected and routine maintenance is performed. Planned shutdown or not, any business which involves the operation of equipment […]

Step on a Crack Break a Contractor’s Financial Back

Step on a Crack Break a Contractor’s Financial Back

This has been a beautiful summer in Northeast Ohio unless you have been trying to walk on the sidewalks in one of the neighborhoods that are in the middle of its sidewalk replacement program! Walking in the street or in the grass can be dangerous but, in the end, having nice level sidewalks throughout the […]

The Category is Homeowner’s Insurance

Homeowner’s Insurance Home

Discover a few homeowner’s insurance basics through iconic gameshow format. Learn about homeowner’s insurance by testing your response to specific clues.   Here’s the clue. Iconic gameshow in which contestants select a category from a box grid of options labeled by difficulty level in ascending dollar amounts. Contestants listen to/read the answer, and then respond […]

Don’t get into Hot water this winter with a busted boiler

Boiler room blog post

Understand some of the major conditions that can affect the operation of your heating boiler this winter. From Lakewood to Cleveland Heights, Greater Cleveland has some beautiful older apartment buildings. Most of these apartments are heated with cast iron boilers either using steam or hot water to operate the systems. Hartford Steam Boiler, one of […]

Amazing Service Begins at Your Church

Church Picture

By John Bouhall, CPCU Here is the church, Mission, service, praise. Open the doors, Hands, heads, and hearts raise. Extend a hand, Gladly volunteer. Impart your skills, So needed right here. See with your eyes, Church buildings need care. Survey the grounds, Paint, seal, and repair. Plan through the year, Know what to expect. Fix […]

Maintaining Your Fire Sprinkler System in 10 Easy Steps

Sprinkler Blog Photo

Many commercial buildings have fire sprinkler systems to reduce exposure to property loss and save lives if  unfortunately, you have a fire. In addition, a properly designed and maintained sprinkler system may save you money on your property insurance premiums. However, like any system it must be properly maintained so it is there for you […]

General Liability Policy Rating and Limits for Artisan Contractors

Artisan Contractors

Read about General Liability insurance pricing and limits for artisan contractors. General Liability Policy Rating and Limits for Artisan Contractors Artisan contractors are vital to modern life and commerce. Tectonic advances accompanied by both the Industrial Age and the Information Age have not outdistanced the ingenuity and survival of skilled craftspeople. Modern human society needs […]