The Causes of Combine Fires and How to Prevent Them

farm equipment

Combine fires are considered one of the most common and expensive agricultural fire-related losses by most farm insurance companies. If you’ve experienced a combine fire in the past, you know you’d rather be doing literally anything else besides dealing with it. As is often said, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, […]

Slow Down, It’s Summertime

Children with hardhats

Learn why outdoor trade contractors should pay attention to the job site environment. Read about summer job safety concerns that may be overlooked by trade contractors. Ah, summertime. Warm weather and long days are nature’s call to enjoy the open air. It is also prime time for some trade contractors, who routinely schedule back-to-back outdoor […]

Schools Out for Summer

Car in accident getting towed

Schools out for Summer a classic rock song by Alice Cooper shouts about being bored and having no intelligence, while these lyrics may sound harsh today, they are very appropriate when it comes to describing the deadliest driving time for teens. Each year a disproportionate number of teen driving deaths occur between Memorial Day and […]

Is Your Financial Roof Protected by Business Income Insurance?

Apartment with fire escape

Discover why investment property owners should consider business income insurance. Learn a few basics about the purpose and benefits of business income insurance. Planned walk-throughs are one way investment property owners address general upkeep and preventive maintenance. An additional proactive exercise is mentally walking through “what if” scenarios. Thinking about more than what you actually […]

Summer Mission Trips Are Around the Corner, Are You Ready

Mission Trip Bus

What an exciting time for your Church’s youth as they get ready for their mission trips. While Church leaders are getting their students ready physically, spiritually and mentally don’t forget about the mundane. Make sure the Church’s vehicles are ready to complete their job, nobody wants to miss part of the mission trip experience while […]

Connect with an Independent Insurance Agent

Connect with an Independent Insurance Agent

Discover real value independent insurance agents add to commercial businesses. Read why commercial businesses should connect with independent insurance agents. No business is an island, as each one depends on vital connections. Independent insurance agents are a reliable and reachable connection for the needs of many commercial insureds. We are Independent for you, giving you […]

Farm Earnings and Extra Expense, What’s That?

holding cash in farm field

Your farm is more than your home, it’s your business. As with all businesses, the owners must make decisions for continuity’s sake in the event of a catastrophic loss. How are you supposed to support yourself and family while rebuilding after that tornado, fire, or other disaster you may face? Farmers can rest easy knowing […]

Protect Your Commercial Auto Premiums from Drastic Increases

Protect Your Commercial Auto Premiums from Drastic Increases - truck image

Spring has finally sprung in Northeast Ohio and everyday my street is lined with contractors’ vehicles. Landscapers, lawn sprinkler repair, painters, flooring installation, you get the idea. I often wonder how did the employer decide which one of their employees should have access to the company’s vehicles. At fault accidents are the most common cause […]

Using the Proper Fuse-Keeps Your Property Safe

Using the Proper Fuse - Keeps Your Property Safe

Greater Cleveland has many older apartment buildings however many of them still have fuses. Fuses were the norm prior to circuit breakers being installed in new construction to help wires from overheating and causing electrical fires. Fuses still work well when properly sized, however, in very old fuse boxes or overtime, the wrong amperage fuse […]