It’s a Small World in a Big Way

homeowner’s insurance premium

By John Bouhall, CPCU Learn how your homeowner’s insurance premium is affected by big realities. Read three key factors impacting your homeowner’s insurance premium. The current and foreseeable trend in the homeowner’s insurance market is rising premiums. Three main factors are driving this upward trend, which is and will continue to affect the average price […]

Crafting a Solid Insurance Program for Owners of Apartment Buildings


As the owner of an apartment building in Northeast Ohio you want a well built, solid building. As local insurance agents we want to build a solid property and liability insurance program for you. read more A well put together insurance program consists of several components just like your building. The insurance policy should include […]

A Non-Partisan CORONAVIRUS Message


Read about the important role church leaders have in basic coronavirus messaging. Discover a straightforward coronavirus message church leaders may consider delivering. Two years on, and the world is still battling coronavirus and the messaging regarding coronavirus. Worship communities have been a constant in prayers for healing and strength to endure. Still, coronavirus marches on […]

Subrogation, Part of the Claims Process


On the Saturday before Memorial Day last year within the span of 5 minutes, I received three phone calls from three different insureds that somebody had driven their car into a building damaging it and taking off (luckily nobody was injured). In this situation, Richey-Barrett insures the building owner and two tenants of the building. […]

What Type of Crime Grows Faster than your Crops?

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Let’s talk about crime. What is the fastest growing crime in America these days? If you guessed cybercrime, you’d be right. With over 16.7 million victims of identity theft each year, it is imperative that farmers protect themselves and the others they work with, or potentially become just another statistic we hear about on the […]

Cutting Corners Could Collapse Your Tent

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Read about general requirements trade contractors must adhere to in order to work in Ohio. Learn why trade contractors need to understand state and local requirements before working. Trade contracting is a big tent term. Even the lone handypersonperforming minor repair work for a fee may be considered a contractor. It is the responsibility of […]

Owners of Apartments in Greater Cleveland Beware!

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Be aware of what? A huge liability exposure for you as the owner of residential rental properties and apartments in Greater Cleveland. Be aware of carbon monoxide – the odorless, colorless gas that is produced any time fossil fuel is burned. Gas ranges, ovens, furnaces and boilers are some of the sources that can produce […]

Basic Aspects of Business Insurance

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Are you just starting up your new business? Or perhaps you have recently been wondering if your current commercial insurance coverage is enough. It can be frustrating trying to educate yourself about business insurance options. Let us help you understand some basic aspects of business insurance. General Liability This is the foundation of most policies. […]

Do You Believe in Life After Death? Part Two

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Learn how members of struggling mainline Protestant churches may find closure. Read practical suggestions for members of declining mainline Protestant churches. While many of these churches continue in a downward spiral, meaningful discussion and planning may result in life after death for some of the church’s resources. Remember to keep your insurance agent in the […]