General Liability Policy Rating and Limits for Artisan Contractors

Artisan Contractors

Read about General Liability insurance pricing and limits for artisan contractors. General Liability Policy Rating and Limits for Artisan Contractors Artisan contractors are vital to modern life and commerce. Tectonic advances accompanied by both the Industrial Age and the Information Age have not outdistanced the ingenuity and survival of skilled craftspeople. Modern human society needs […]

Cutting Corners Could Collapse Your Tent

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Read about general requirements trade contractors must adhere to in order to work in Ohio. Learn why trade contractors need to understand state and local requirements before working. Trade contracting is a big tent term. Even the lone handypersonperforming minor repair work for a fee may be considered a contractor. It is the responsibility of […]

Grab a Pencil, Trade Contractors

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Read four scenarios relating universal life events with trade contractors’ need for insurance. Learn a few insurance basics by taking a quiz focused on trade contractors and insurance. It’s September 2020, and we’re all back to school in one way or another. In the spirit of back-to-school, today’s blog is presented in quiz format. The […]

3 R’s for the Small, Start-Up Trade Contractor

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Learn 3 R’s that may help small, start-up trade contractors evaluate basic insurance needs. Read 3 R’s that frame property and liability insurance basics for small, start-up trade contractors. Resourceful. Resilient. Resolute. Three R’s that are hallmarks of the American spirit, particularly in response to difficult circumstances. Job loss or lessened work hours resulting from […]