General Liability Policy Rating and Limits for Artisan Contractors

Artisan Contractors

Read about General Liability insurance pricing and limits for artisan contractors. General Liability Policy Rating and Limits for Artisan Contractors Artisan contractors are vital to modern life and commerce. Tectonic advances accompanied by both the Industrial Age and the Information Age have not outdistanced the ingenuity and survival of skilled craftspeople. Modern human society needs […]

Queue Up Insurance Coverage for Artisan Carpenters

Artisan Carpenters

Read two lists of insurance coverages applicable to artisan carpenters. Learn about insurance coverages needed to protect artisan carpenter businesses. While Northeast Ohioans still await the invigoration of open windows and colorful spring blossoms, many are eager to put building and remodeling plans into action. Cue the artisan carpenters. As artisan carpenters gear up for […]

Everyone Makes Mistakes. Are You Covered?

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George, the contractor, has more than 20 years of experience in his craft although navigating the insurance part of his business can sometimes still be foggy. No business is able to run without some bumps and after a few unpleasant customer experiences, George decides to contact his trusty insurance agent to see what actions can […]

Artisans make your work easier in the cold weather

Blog Background 9-16-19

Artisan Contractors are putting in long hours to get as much work completed before the weather turns cold in Northeast Ohio. But don’t forget you will need to prepare your equipment for winter before it is too late.  Below is a list that every contractor should address to avoid a mechanical breakdown that probably will […]