308.6 Billion A Year-The Cost of Insurance Fraud

Insurance Fraud

The annual cost of insurance fraud to businesses and consumers is $3,860,000,000.00 in America according to The Coalition Against Insurance Fraud. The Coalition broke down the most common types of insurance fraud as follows; Life insurance: $74.7 billion Property & casualty insurance: $45 billion; auto theft fraud totaled $7.4 billion Health insurance: $36.3 billion Workers’ […]

Cyber Risk Immunity, Forget It – Adopt a Cyber Risk Resiliency Approach

Cyber Security Blog

Nobody is immune from cyber-attacks! In August 2021 T-Mobile had a total of 40 million subscriber, prospect, and former customer accounts hacked. The breach included names, driver’s license numbers, Social Security numbers, and device information. In 2020 SolarWinds, a provider of system management tools, was attacked using a supply chain of attack. This method inserted […]

Distracted Driving Everybody’s Problem

Distracted Driving everybody’s problem (2)

Many trade contractors use their van or truck as their mobile office. Invoicing, credit card readers and receipts that need to be filed, are on the dash, shoved in the sun visor or in a cup holder,  you get the picture. There is even a pickup that touts its rear tailgate as being flexible enough […]

Basic Aspects of Business Insurance

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Are you just starting up your new business? Or perhaps you have recently been wondering if your current commercial insurance coverage is enough. It can be frustrating trying to educate yourself about business insurance options. Let us help you understand some basic aspects of business insurance. General Liability This is the foundation of most policies. […]

72,675 Reasons Why your Business Needs Employment Practices Liability Insurance

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Every business in Northeast Ohio with employees or customers is exposed to potential employment practices liability claims. In the year ending December 31, 2019, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) stated there were 72,675 charges against employers for discrimination. Read More! Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI) should be part of your business insurance and loss mitigation program. Uninsured claims […]

BYOB … Be Your Own Boss


BYOB is a success story for businesses all over America. The custom skills and tools, combined with demand for people capable of applying them practically, make for promising careers in the vast field of independent contracting. Whether you are a tree trimmer, builder, plumber, carpenter, electrician, mason, floor installer, painter, or general handyperson, BYOB may […]

Wondering about how General Liability Business Insurance is Rated?


Learn basic factors insurance companies use to price General Liability business insurance. Read how General Liability business insurance is rated. When you buy coffee at the neighborhood coffee shop, visit the dentist for a professional check-up, go grocery shopping, remodel your kitchen, or eat out at your favorite restaurant in Cleveland, you are supporting the […]

Is Your Hobby Putting You at Risk?


Will my homeowner’s insurance cover me since I’m not a commercial farmer? Like any business endeavor, your farm can be both a full-fledged company or treated as just a hobby. That said, regardless of how you treat your farming activity, one thing that you need to protect yourself is proper insurance coverage. “Will my homeowner’s […]

The Real Cost of a Claim…We Don’t Make This Stuff Up


A claim may arise out of fire caused by spontaneous combustion, or a wind gust knocks over a solid brick wall (that has occurred), or a commercial box truck used for delivery hits a van from the rear. All three of these are potential examples of valid claims an insurance company will pay on behalf […]