Is Your Financial Roof Protected by Business Income Insurance?

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Discover why investment property owners should consider business income insurance. Learn a few basics about the purpose and benefits of business income insurance. Planned walk-throughs are one way investment property owners address general upkeep and preventive maintenance. An additional proactive exercise is mentally walking through “what if” scenarios. Thinking about more than what you actually […]

1, 2, 3 Basics for Investment Property Owners of Individual Condominium Units

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 Learn three basic considerations for investment property owners of individual condominium units. Read a snapshot of insurance coverage recommendations for condominium unit investment property. Individual condominium unit ownership is a real thing in the realm of investment property. Some fall into it indirectly, such as via inheritance. Some directly decide to purchase a condominium unit […]

Actual Cash Value (ACV) vs. Replacement Cost Insurance

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Small and medium size business (SMB) owners have a multitude of responsibilities and concerns with running their own business. I understand your concerns because I own a business too. And if you own the commercial property your business is in you have (at least) two businesses to worry about. One of the most important decisions […]

Splash Into Pool Safety

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Finally the first weekend with beyond gorgeous weather, that makes everyone starting to think of all the upcoming summertime fun! If you own a pool at one of your investment properties, it may be time to start planning the maintenance your pool requires. Everyone knows the saying “Safety first!” Therefore, let’s review some basic pool […]

Be prepared for Rising Insurance Costs in 2020

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In the last month, AM Best and Fitch (companies that provide financial data products in the insurance industry), national consultants Willis Towers Watson, AON, and others have all echoed the fact that rates are going up and will continue to rise in 2020. Price increases in automobile insurance were discussed in an earlier blog, but […]

Is Investment Property For You?

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Investment property can serve as an income source and asset builder. Your resources, experience, goals, and tolerance for risk are deciding factors in the type and scale of investment you might make. Financial commitment is a given. Whatever money you put in to the investment is at risk. Be aware you can lose it all […]

Parking Lot Safety and Inspection

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How often do you get to your office go through the rear entrance and not even notice the condition of the parking lot your customers and guests see or not notice gradual deterioration of an item? Having a simple checklist can help. How often do you get to your office go through the rear entrance […]

Would You Invest $100 to Save a Life?

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As the owner of rental properties, if you could reduce your economic loss by reducing the size of a cooking fire for approximately $50.00 per unit would you do it? You can do this with a simple item called StoveTop FireStop .   According to the National fire Prevention Association (NFPA) a kitchen fire starts […]