Your Church Steeple is More than a Landmark

8_14_202Churches and non-profit organizations like yours have some very unique insurance needs. Important protection is required for your organization that others don’t have to worry about. Your mission often times is to help people who have been affected by disaster. How can you help others if you cannot recover from a disaster yourself?

Take your Church steeple for example. It can be seen from all over town. Your steeple, by its very presence, tells residents and visitors alike about your mission and invites them to your Church, a landmark in the community.

Unfortunately, your steeple is also a lightning rod.

According to the National Weather Service, over 22 million lightning flashes hit in the United States each year. It has happened before and unfortunately will happen again. Lightning strikes can easily cause a fire that could lead to a total loss. It can happen in an instant, and all the physical treasures that fill your Church and your congregation’s memories of weddings and baptisms there could be gone. Generations of family and friends might have no place to meet, to visit and remember. There is no option, you have to rebuild. But how?

This is why you need to have an independent insurance advisor to help you identify the protection and put together a plan to help you recover if disaster ever strikes so that you can continue your mission. They are trained to look at the whole Church, its mission goals and objectives. There is no single insurance company that can provide the best solution for every church. That’s why it’s critical to have that independent insurance advisor who specializes in churches. They not only help protect the mission of your church, but also help guide you through a disaster in order to restore your Church should disaster strike.

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