Train and Maintain

Learn about equipment operator safety and maintenance of business equipment.

Train and Maintain - Man in hard hat

Read about equipment maintenance checks important to protecting your business.

Proper equipment maintenance is essential for workplace safety. Some businesses schedule planned shutdowns during which equipment is inspected and routine maintenance is performed. Planned shutdown or not, any business which involves the operation of equipment should have specific protocols and procedures in place for the safe maintenance and use of that equipment. Doing so protects workers, the workplace, and the lifespan of the equipment.

The following is a basic outline for educational purposes only. It addresses equipment maintenance through a focus on equipment operators, who are a mainstay in many businesses. Equipment operators need to be alert, correctly dressed, and fully trained to safely operate and understand the proper function of the equipment.

  • Workplace attire.
  • Wear protective goggles, gloves, hardhat, footwear, apron, etc. appropriate to the specific equipment and environment.
  • No jewelry, loose sleeves, hair, laces, or ties that might accidentally be entangled in equipment.
  • Equipment readiness and operation.
  • Read the OEM manual and have ready access to both a hardcopy and online copy.
  • Do not remove protective equipment guards.
  • Wipe down and properly lubricate the equipment, as recommended.
  • Routinely check wiring, including the wall plug; bolts and screws holding the equipment together; fluid levels.
  • Secure nearby any special tool required to operate the equipment. Ensure that tool is in good condition.
  • Regularly check the proper functioning of emergency lights and controls.
  • Keep an eye on wires and hoses and pay attention to the levels of noise, vibration, and heat. Too much or too little signal there may be a problem.
  • Understand and practice whatever shutdown sequence is necessary to stop the equipment if something goes wrong or a hazard is identified.
  • Be familiar with and keep an eye on equipment programmed to operate automatically. As an additional safety precaution, recommended interlock switches may be professionally installed.
  • Maintain a daily equipment log. Record hours of use and track equipment performance/efficiency. Is it operating within OEM acceptable range?

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