Do You Believe in Life After Death? Part Two

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Learn how members of struggling mainline Protestant churches may find closure. Read practical suggestions for members of declining mainline Protestant churches. While many of these churches continue in a downward spiral, meaningful discussion and planning may result in life after death for some of the church’s resources. Remember to keep your insurance agent in the […]

Church and the Registered Sex Offender

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A former church member recently released from prison (a convicted sex offender) approaches the church minister to ask for permission/consideration to return to church. What is the minister to do? This scenario is NOT out of the question today. It is foolish to pretend such a scenario could not exist in your church. Has your church thought […]

Bring Back Church Socials


Learn why bringing back church socials may be positive for your church. Read five suggestions to bring back church socials. What exactly is a church social? You won’t find the term “church social” in the Bible or in Merriam-Webster’s dictionary. So, what is a church social? For the purposes of this blog, I’ll exercise creative […]

Oh No! When Your Church Upsets More Than Stomachs

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What do the church picnic, annual potluck, and bake sale fundraisers all have in common? Give up? The answer is people helping people in a multitude of different traditions. The classic summertime picnic for your church is usually the highlight of the events and is greatly anticipated by all. The thoughts of what dish I […]

Injury to a Church Volunteer, Who Pays?

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Steve, a hypothetical church volunteer in this example, is a longtime, trusted, and active church member. Steve helps the church in all manner of tasks, from participating in counting the weekly collection on Sunday morning to knocking off icicles on the church gutters. Recently Steve was injured on church property when he fell about six […]

When is a Window More Than Just a Window?


Stained glass windows do so much more than keep the weather out and let light in. The soothing colored light that reflects through your stained glass windows provides your Church, Temple or Mosque with a calming and reverent atmosphere that has a very real emotional impact on your church members, friends and visitors alike. Your […]

Catastrophic Violence … An Occurrence with More Frequency

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Threats of violence have increasingly given way to actual acts of violence. The risks can be elevated when large gatherings of people congregate to protest a hot button social issue, and the protest turns from peaceful to incendiary. At the other end of the spectrum are situations which can and have recently culminated in a […]