Keeping It Safe

Keeping your tenants safe and avoiding liability

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Keeping it Safe

As the owner of an apartment building in Northeast Ohio you are responsible for the safety of your tenants. While your liability insurance may provide coverage for your negligence if a tenant is assaulted or there is a break-in, having a security action plan will help you avoid these traumatic situations. Some items to consider in creating a safer apartment complex follow:

1. Control access to the building

A. Keep all exterior entrances, including parking garages, balconies and roof openings locked.
B. Remind tenants to confirm the identity of visitors when tenants can remotely unlock entrances.

2. Key Control

A. Store keys in a secure location and limit distribution.
B. Have a sign-out sheet for all master keys to the units.
C. Re-key doors to each unit when a new tenant moves in or recode the electronic lock.

3. Management Plan

A. Develop written security policies and emergency management plans for
1. Natural Disaster

B. Provide adequate illumination in all areas of the building, including parking lots and garages,
entrances, hallways and walkways in the complex.

C. Background checks, including criminal record checks for all employees.

D. Collect certificates of insurance for liability and workers’ compensation naming the complex an
additional insured for all outside contractors who are working on the complex.

E. Keep the exterior of the building safe

1. Keep trees and shrubs trimmed so tenants’ vision is not obstructed.
2. Monitor the exterior of the building for garbage, and suspicious packages and unidentified

Protecting you from liability is a key component to any well-crafted insurance program for your apartment building. The Trusted Choice agents at Richey-Barrett are available to create a customized insurance program for your apartment building and any of your other insurance needs.

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