Happy Thanksgiving From Richey-Barrett

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Thanksgiving is the festive time of year when we gather our loved ones to share in more than just gluttony, but in gratitude, in being intentionally thankful for all the good things in our lives. There is tradition and there is novelty, but at the heart of this treasured holiday is this sense of thankfulness. We pinpoint what makes our lives as full as our stomachs on Thanksgiving!

Perhaps the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is playing on the big screen or maybe you’re out playing touch football, enjoying the last few freshening breaths of November. Maybe you’re giving back and volunteering or running an infamous turkey trot. Maybe your house smells like sugar and fried turkey or maybe there are endless footsteps throughout your house as children chase each other in anticipation of traditions they are still learning. Maybe someone has been up cooking the conglomerate of sides before the whole house was awake. Perhaps you’ve sniffed out the stuffing and collard greens, holding yourself over with attempts at helping to cook just so you can sneak a taste.

No matter what, you have been waiting to eat, waiting to gorge on cranberries, green beans, yams, and biscuits. Someone jokes about having to unbutton their pants and there is laughter in the air. The table is set; the turkey is carved. You are finally prepared to feast, forks raised in anticipation, but not just yet.

Though our Turkey-day traditions may vary, at the core, we are all expressing our gratitude. No matter what is in front of you (even if it is a burnt turkey), take the time to answer the age-old question “What are you thankful for.” Suddenly, you are thankful for the big and the little. You are wrapped up in what you have – the people you protect and love, the full, warm and fragrant house, health and wellbeing, this country, and the winter treats. The fullness you feel is not from eating three plates of much-anticipated food, but from refocusing on gratitude, recognizing your fruitful blessings in a society that is slow to take the time to say “thank you.”

So, we’re saying it together. Thank you! The things you care for, we do too. We, at Richey-Barrett, are grateful for the opportunity to protect the things and people you are most thankful for. Because of the continued trust of our clients, we look forward to another year of service and thank you for sharing in that with us.

In observance of Thanksgiving, our office will be closed on Thursday, November 28th-Saturday, November 30th.  We hope you have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving surrounded by loved ones! Remember to keep a fire extinguisher on hand!

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