Farm Liability…Is Your Dog Covered?

Is Your Dog Covered

$881 million. That’s the total amount paid out for dog-related injury claims during 2021, according to the Insurance Information Institute. That total is combined amongst 17,989 dog bite claims. If that wasn’t alarming enough to read, here’s another fun fact—a recent study shows that Ohio had the highest number of postal delivery personnel bitten by dogs in 2021! With that said, it’s not unreasonable for people to ask themselves, “how will my furry family member affect my farm insurance?” Well, without further ado, let’s discuss what your farm insurance carrier is considering when you have dogs on your premises.


I’m sure this comes as no surprise to you that the number one factor your farm insurance carrier considers is the actual breed of the dog in question. While many disagree with the “restricted breed list,” myself included, if your pet is on that list, you will face difficulty placing your farm insurance policy. The company uses past instances to determine whether or not a certain breed is predisposed to vicious activity, and if so, they will either exclude liability coverage for your dog, or simply refuse to insure your farm at all.

Bite History

Dogs play, dogs protect, and yes, sometimes they bite. If your dog has any history of biting others, he or she will most likely have liability coverage excluded from the onset of your policy, or the company will choose not to insure your farm. One sentence pretty much sums it up!

Other People’s Dogs

This is an interesting topic. The dog’s owner is liable for the actions of the dog. Therefore, if an innocent party is bitten or otherwise attacked by their pet, the owner is the responsible party. However, if you knew the dog in question was particularly hostile, and did nothing to prevent injury from occurring while he or she was on your property, (requiring leashes, restraint, disallowing the animal on your premises, etc.,) you too can be enjoined in a lawsuit from the attack victim seeking damages.

Will My Insurance Cover Dogs?

Maybe, maybe not. Is your policy written in such a manner that dogs are excluded from your liability coverage? The answer to this question, along with several others, needs to be taken on a case-by-case basis, requiring a deeper conversation than a 3-minute read of a blog post.

Ultimately, are dog-related injuries covered by your farm insurance policy? Aren’t you tired of not being able to answer that question? I work with farmers to design well-rounded, well-thought-out protection plans, affording them the peace of mind they deserve, knowing they’re fully protected. My clients know where they stand with regard to numerous situations like this. They need not worry whether or not they’re protected, that’s my job. Are you getting that level of support from your agent? Your Trusted Choice advisors at Richey-Barrett Insurance are happy to discuss your particular needs and address them with a favorable solution.

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