A Trick or Treat Read

Learn and enjoy a few basic Halloween safety tips written in poetry format.


Read a poem about trick or treat safety tips.

Halloween. A one-of-a-kind holiday that many Americans anticipate with glee. Today’s blog is a trick or treat read, depending on your outlook. The ditty below contains some basic safety tips meant as fun reminders for parents and children alike. We hope you enjoy it. If you are interested in a very brief and compressed overview of the Halloween tradition and its arrival in America, check out the next paragraph.

The origins of Halloween go back to an ancient Celtic spiritual tradition marked by a community fire festival after the harvest work was complete. Between time and cultures, the tradition evolved. America adopted Halloween in the 19th century, as a result of Irish immigrants bringing their traditions with them. Two centuries later, Halloween remains very popular. Today, Americans recognize Halloween in many ways, from pumpkin jack-o-lanterns, spooky decorations, trick-or-treating, costume parties, to haunted house attractions.

Trick or treat. It’s gatherin’ time for parents and children.

Monsters and witches
Scurry door-to-door
Seeking sweet riches
Candy treats galore!

Parents, walk the walk
And keep them in sight
Start the safety talk
‘Fore Halloween night.

No snacking until
The loot makes it home
It needs a clean bill
From a fine-tooth comb.

Travel in a group
Always stay outside
Remain with your troop
Don’t accept a ride.

Carry a flashlight
Afix safety strips
Make costumes fit right
To avoid bad trips.

Slow down and look out
For cars that are near
Don’t cross if your route
Is not fully clear.

Stay within your bounds
Mind your manners too
Stop. No turnarounds
‘til you say, “thank you”!

Wishing all of our readers a safe and fun Halloween.

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