When Is a Window More Than Just a Window?

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Stained glass windows do so much more than keep the weather out and let light in. The soothing colored light that reflects through your stained glass windows provides your Church, Temple or Mosque with a calming and reverent atmosphere that has a very real emotional impact on your church members, friends and visitors alike.  Your stained glass windows offer more than simply beauty; they also provide education, inspiration, consolation, and comfort   How could you possibly afford to replace a stained glass window today if it (or worse, they) were damaged due to a storm or vandalism?

Stain glass windows are not only part of your history they are also part of your image or brand if you will that your members, friends and visitors identify with. They can also remind members of past history and inspire them to continue to build for the future. Stained glass windows are welcoming to all.

Usually, the stained glass windows you are safeguarding were part of the original design dating back to the founders when the first corner stone was laid. They have been with your Church, Temple or Mosque from the very beginning. Stained glass windows identify your building as a safe place of worship, where members and even visitors can be assured to find comfort and solace. Stained glass windows have a long and rich history in religious institutions. In fact, evidence of stained glass windows can be found in Churches and Monasteries in Britain dating as far back at 675 AD. Stained glass windows became an art form when they were used in the Middle Ages to illustrate narratives of the Bible in pictorial form to the illiterate portion of the community. Your stain glass windows absolutely must be protected.

How can you possibly protect a valuable antique like a stained glass window? The good news is . . . there are artisans available today who can repair and replace stained glass windows with incredible accuracy and precision. The bad news is . . . it may not affordable if you are not prepared. You deserve peace of mind and your members along with the next generation of future members deserve the comfort of worshiping in a space that is reverent.

Your independent insurance agent is an expert in matters such as this and can show you ways you can be prepared to protect your valuable stained glass windows in case disaster strikes.

Losing even a single stained glass window would be a disaster. Your stained glass windows have to be protected but storms, accidents and unfortunately vandalism does occur. Contact an independent insurance agent that has experience with Churches, Temples and Mosques to ensure your stained glass windows are properly protected for your members, visitors and the next generation of faithful. Your independent agent can perform a free and valuable insurance review so you can totally understand your risks and discover ways to be prepared to recover if disaster strikes.

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