Spring Additions to Include in your Homeowners’ Insurance Policy

Prepare for the weather by ramping up your standard Homeowners’ Insurance policy.


April showers bring May Flowers. But what does April’s other temperamental weather bring to your home? From spring thaws to hail to tornadoes and flooding, ensure that your home insurance covers the potential damages caused by spring weather.

Your Standard homeowners’ insurance policy  (HO-3) includes special peril coverages for damage such as wind damage, lightning, hail, vandalism and other coverages. While your standard homeowners’ policy (H0-3) covers some weather-related claims, it may leave out some vital coverage for your home.

Flood Insurance

Your Standard homeowners’ insurance policy (HO-3) does not include flood insurance, which covers the costs after a flood. Flood coverage is usually a separate policy. Every home is vulnerable to flooding. In the U.S., floods are the most commonly occurring of natural disasters, causing millions of dollars in damage too. According to FEMA, 1 inch of water can cause up to $25,000 of damage to your home.

Talk to your agent to see if flood insurance coverage is right for your policy, even if you don’t live by water! But be careful, personal property kept in basements is often excluded in coverage.

Sump Pump & Water Backup

Spring comes with its own plumbing issues such as leaky pipes from winter cracks, clogged outdoor drains, or line obstructions from growing roots. While your Homeowners’ policy (HO-3) covers some water damage, (pipe burst, toilet overflow) it may not cover water damage from sump pump or the sewer system.

Your agent may have an additional endorsement for your policy which addresses damages via sewer or drain backups. In addition, extend spring cleaning to your plumbing systems with a yearly maintenance check and avoid issues and repairs in the future by checking blockages, drainage, and paying attention to regular upkeep.

Lack of Maintenance

As a homeowner, you are expected to repair and upkeep the property. Your Standard homeowners’ insurance policy (HO-3) will not cover damage caused by your negligence. A leaky roof is a perfect example. It may cost you later if you don’t address it as your policy does not cover gradual damage. If you skip out on roof maintenance and that causes the leak, your insurance company may not provide coverage for the repairs.

To prevent a loss of coverage, contact your insurance agent right away. Your priority should be to prevent additional damage. This will ensure that your roof damage is covered. This spring, pay close attention to home maintenance.

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