Owners of Apartments in Greater Cleveland beware!

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New Code requires Carbon Monoxide Detectors in certain Ohio buildings

Be aware of what? A huge liability exposure for you as the owner of residential rental properties and apartments in Greater Cleveland.

Be aware of carbon monoxide – the odorless, colorless gas that is produced any time fossil fuel is burned. Gas ranges, ovens, furnaces and boilers are some of the sources that can produce carbon monoxide.

Each year this deadly gas kills more than 400 people in the United States according to the Center for Disease Control. However, Ohio now requires buildings that contain fuel burning appliances to install, Carbon Monoxide Detectors, life saving devices. Places impacted by the updated fire code include apartments, schools, day cares, hotels and dormitories to name a few. Older buildings can use battery-powered units, but new construction covered by Ohio Fire Code must be wired into the electrical system of the building (hard wired). The code also addresses the location of the CO detectors and compliance of the device. The link to the state’s technical bulletin is below.

The insurance policy for your apartment covers liability, but now that you are required to have CO detectors in your apartment building will your failure to comply be covered in the unforeseen circumstance that somebody dies from CO poisoning?

General liability insurance typically covers your negligence or strict liability. However it may not protect you against a crime or an intentional tort that you commit. Your failure to comply with the new Ohio directive regarding CO detectors could jeopardize your insurance coverage. Conversely if you install the detectors and they fail that would not jeopardize coverage on your policy.

Before you purchase or renew insurance for your rental properties in Greater Cleveland contact your Independent Trusted Choice Agent at Richey-Barrett Insurance.

Click here to read the Ohio Government’s Carbon Monoxide Detector requirements.

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