Getting your Apartment Building ready for another Cleveland Winter

don't get left behindWinter and freezing temperatures are forecast to roar back into Northeast Ohio in the next 24 hours or so, but there is still time to get out and complete a few simple tasks to help protect your property. You may also discover additional items that need improvements for next year and beyond.

We all know to turn off outside water sources, disconnect garden hoses and drain those systems including lawn sprinklers so we don’t have to repair frozen pipes. Also, be sure to check that all the drains in your systems are clear of blockages; this includes roof drains to prevent flooding during a thaw. Your roof should also be inspected, especially for any cracks in the roofing where there could be water incursions.

Have an annual preventive maintenance program for the heating boiler; this should be done by a licensed contractor. In addition, have a state inspector or a special inspector from your insurance company inspect your heating boiler and file the proper forms with the state. If the building has cold spots or is exposed to high winds, make sure to wrap all pipes in that area to protect them from freezing.

Check the tuckpointing and mortar to limit places that water can enter. Water that enters this way will freeze and thaw and this can result in expensive repairs. I suggest this inspection be done from the ground using binoculars!

Windows are another area that needs to be checked. Caulking windows prevents water intrusion and will help keep cold air out and warm air in.

Once these items have been reviewed, you are not done. A regular walk-around of the property should be done at a minimum of once a week. With temperatures below freezing and the north wind blowing, damage to your property can happen quickly, so the faster a small issue is found, the less chance of it becoming a large one!

Inspecting your building is important, but inspecting your insurance is just as important. Before you renew any policies, contact your Trusted Choice Insurance Agent at Richey-Barrett.

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