Bring Back Church Socials

Learn why bringing back church socials may be positive for your church.
Richey-Barrett Blog (30)Read five suggestions to bring back church socials.

What exactly is a church social? You won’t find the term “church social” in the Bible or Merriam-Webster’s dictionary. So, what is a church social? For the purposes of this blog, I’ll exercise creative license and define it as such:

church social |colloquial noun phrase|:  a relaxed gathering of friends in faith and guests for the purpose of sharing fellowship, food, and fun

Simple enough. So simple it should be brought back as an evolving tradition in church life. Your church social doesn’t need to imitate a 1950’s church social. Times have changed and churches have changed. They are evolving, and positive traditions can evolve with them. If you would like to bring back church socials to your church, consider the following five suggestions:

  1. Spread the word. Encourage each member, including children, to invite a friend.
  2. Keep them simple. Food draws people, and potlucks provide variety without the fuss. Remind everyone to keep cold food continually cold and hot food continually hot. Avoid food poisoning and refrigerate as appropriate.
  3. Model volunteering. Many hands make light work. Engage able-bodied adults and youth to pitch in, work together, and build relationships. Follow standard policy of at least two adults present with any youth at all times.
  4. Integrate generations. In addition to volunteering together, promote generational connections through fun. Game stations work very well.  Outdoor cornhole is easy to set up and play for many. Baby boomers might teach and play duck, duck, goose with the youngsters. For those who prefer indoors and less physical movement, consider board games, team pantomime games, or storytelling. Again, follow policy of at least two adults present with any youth at all times.
  5. Be yourself in a good way. Human beings are social creatures, hardwired to communicate with one another. Church socials bring us together in fellowship, sharing conversation, food, and fun.

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