Building Owners Protect Your Assets


COVID-19 and Building Vacancy As I travel throughout Northeast Ohio, I see what COVID-19 has done to this once bustling area. Highways empty, office complexes with empty parking lots as employees work from home and shopping centers with more and more vacancies as small retailers continue to shut their doors. Once the scourge of Covid-19 […]

What Property Insurance Options Do I Have For My Church?

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Reminiscing on when we drove through the countryside, we could not help but to enjoy the different scenery — some plain and some really interesting. Some of the most diverse buildings I think you will find are the Churches. Some are simple and plain while others are very stately built with stone, and can be […]

Don’t Let Time Control You! You Can Control Time!


Hang on to good business practices. The Ohio State Marching Band has been nicknamed the best damn band in the land and I believe The Richey-Barrett Co, serves some of the best damn contractors in Greater Cleveland! However, over the past thirty years, I have seen some contractors whose business practices have cost them their […]

The Real Cost of a Claim…We Don’t Make This Stuff Up


A claim may arise out of fire caused by spontaneous combustion, or a wind gust knocks over a solid brick wall (that has occurred), or a commercial box truck used for delivery hits a van from the rear. All three of these are potential examples of valid claims an insurance company will pay on behalf […]

What lies ahead for the Owners of Habitational Properties?

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2021 is around the corner and insurance companies are finalizing their underwriting plans for next year. What will this mean for owners of apartment buildings and rental units in Northeast Ohio? (read more) Be prepared for insurers to ramp up their inspections to ensure they are charging the proper rate for the exposure. Proper valuation […]

Will Your Farm Equipment Survive an Ohio Winter?

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Halloween is in the past now and the season’s officially upon us. You’re probably already busy planning for the holidays, and figuring out which loved ones you’ll be spending time with this year…that is unless you haven’t yet properly prepared your farm equipment for the Ohio weather that Old Man Winter will throw at us […]

The Basics of Insurable Interest

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Gino is buying a 14-unit apartment building that is structurally solid, but needs both maintenance and repair work. Three days ago Gino and Toby entered into a purchase contract in the amount of $300,000. Along with signing the purchase contract, Gino also put a $20,000 deposit down on the apartment building. Toby, the current owner […]

Actual Cash Value (ACV) vs. Replacement Cost Insurance

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Small and medium size business (SMB) owners have a multitude of responsibilities and concerns with running their own business. I understand your concerns because I own a business too. And if you own the commercial property your business is in you have (at least) two businesses to worry about. One of the most important decisions […]

New Concerns for Owners of Apartment Buildings

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COVID-19 continues to surge across northeast Ohio! The unemployment rate is near 9% in Ohio, a new stimulus package seems unlikely in the next month and the Centers for Disease Controls has put a moratorium order on all evictions through the end of the year (under certain circumstances). What are landlords to do to ensure […]

Apartment Safety Starts With Good Housekeeping

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When you think apartment housekeeping, you probably think of jobs like tenants keeping their units clean, the garbage being picked up from the dumpster and the front of the building’s street appeal. But what about those housekeeping items that, if ignored, could lead to safety issues? Lighting, exits, floors, and stairs, if not properly maintained, […]