It’s Weather, Not Whether


Read current trends related to windstorm/hail in the Ohio homeowner’s insurance market. Learn why and how windstorms and hail affect homeowner’s insurance coverage in Ohio. In Ohio, windstorm or hail is an insured peril under the standard homeowner’s insurance policy. Importantly, Ohio is one of several states in which these two weather events are on […]

If You E-Scoot, Be Astute


Discover the gap between legal liability and insurance availability for e-scooter users. Read why e-scooters aren’t really as affordable as vendors say they are. Heads up, Cleveland. It’s “take 2” for e-scooters in select parts of the city. Two weeks ago, some adventurous/curious/hop-on, hop-off enthusiasts took to area streets on electric scooters. This is now […]