Don’t get into Hot water this winter with a busted boiler

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Understand some of the major conditions that can affect the operation of your heating boiler this winter. From Lakewood to Cleveland Heights, Greater Cleveland has some beautiful older apartment buildings. Most of these apartments are heated with cast iron boilers either using steam or hot water to operate the systems. Hartford Steam Boiler, one of […]

Flat, Hip, Mansard or Gable: They All Need a Maintenance Program

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Apartment buildings throughout northeast Ohio have very different types of roofs, but what they do have in common is the need for a roof maintenance program. During the latest inspection of the gable roof on our office we discovered we had a leaking pipe collar/vent stack. This was an inexpensive repair, but if we did […]

Keeping your Apartment Building Occupied

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Keeping your apartment building occupied is paramount to profitability, but don’t be negligent in your application and screening process. The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has created regulations that define classes of people who can’t be discriminated against in the rental process. (read more) As a landlord, you may not discriminate in renting […]