A Kitchen Table Issue Stretches into Fine Print

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Read and understand coverage terms before you put yourself and your personal auto at risk. Learn how your independent insurance agent helps you address a kitchen table issue. It’s an election year. Proverbial kitchen table discussions are back on the table. Personal finance issues have always centered on making ends meet, doing more with less, […]

Turn Driving “On” and Distractions “Off”

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Learn why distracted driving is putting upward pressure on automobile insurance rates. Read a few basics about distracted driving and distracted driving laws. Distracted driving is a growing public safety problem. Always being “on” or “on the go” is dangerously turning “off” safe driving habits. From the morning cup of coffee on the drive into […]

If You E-Scoot, Be Astute


Discover the gap between legal liability and insurance availability for e-scooter users. Read why e-scooters aren’t really as affordable as vendors say they are. Heads up, Cleveland. It’s “take 2” for e-scooters in select parts of the city. Two weeks ago, some adventurous/curious/hop-on, hop-off enthusiasts took to area streets on electric scooters. This is now […]

Happy Labor Day from Richey-Barrett Insurance

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At Richey-Barrett, we cherish the hard work and dedication of our employees, as well as the hard work of our associates and friends. On September 2nd, 2019, we will observe Labor Day. Normally, people think of Labor Day as the holiday that signifies that kids are officially back in school, and the summer season is […]

Ready Reference for Recreational Boatowners

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Read about key factors to consider when purchasing personal boatowner’s insurance. Learn why many recreational boatowners should obtain boatowner’s insurance. The dog days of summer have hit uber levels recently, a whistle call for recreational boaters. With Lake Erie nipping the full expanse of Ohio’s northern footprint, area boaters are drawn to this natural waterpark […]

Host with a Toast … To Responsible High School Grad Parties

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Learn insurance coverage although not excluded is at risk for hosts who permit underage drinking in Ohio.   Read suggestions for hosting a responsible high school graduation party. School is out, and high school graduation parties are in. For many parents, hosting a party is de rigueur, the required social custom for celebrating their child’s […]