Hit the Highway this Memorial Day


AAA reports that gasoline prices for this Memorial Day weekend are the highest they’ve been since 2014! More families are filling up and hopping on the road in post-pandemic eagerness to see extended families, travel across state lines, and spend time in the sun. Though summer has always been a driving season, expect more people […]

Factor in Everyday Safe Driving to Your Trade Contracting Business

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Learn why everyday safe driving is good for your trade contracting business. Read about everyday safe driving tips and reminders for trade contractors. Math is everywhere in the daily work of trade contractors. Job estimates and on-the-job tasks require routine measuring of everything from costs and materials to angles and weight-bearing requirements. Trade contractors are […]

Turn Driving “On” and Distractions “Off”

driving on and distractions off (1)

Learn why distracted driving is putting upward pressure on automobile insurance rates. Read a few basics about distracted driving and distracted driving laws. Distracted driving is a growing public safety problem. Always being “on” or “on the go” is dangerously turning “off” safe driving habits. From the morning cup of coffee on the drive into […]